Cytomel-Clenbuterol Cycle??

tell me about...

Doping is cheating

cheating what?


haha ok well not competing in anything




ttt so i dont fuck myself up


I'm more of a Dianabol-and-monkey-blood kind of guy.

i was thinkin about 6'3 230, what would i be lookin at after this? also i know this is strength n conditioning but i posted it over there and havent got any help...thanks

WEEK 1 DAY 1-1 clenbuterol DAY 2-2 clenbuterol DAY 3,4,5,6,7-3 clenbuterol

WEEK 2 DAY 1,2,3,4,5,6,7-4 clenbuterol

WEEK 3 DAY 1,2,3-5 clenbuterol DAY 4-4 clenbuterol DAY 5-3 clenbuterol DAY 6-2 clenbuterol DAY 7-1 clenbuterol

WEEK 4 DAY 1,2,3-1 cytomel DAY 4,5,6,7-2 cytomel

WEEK 5 DAY 1,2,3,4,5,6,7-2 cytomel

WEEK 6 DAY 1,2,3-3 cytomel DAY 4,5,6,7-4 cytomel

WEEK 7 DAY 1-4 cytomel, 1 clenbuterol DAY 2-3 cytomel, 2 clenbuterol DAY 3-3 cytomel, 3 clenbuterol DAY 4,5-2 cytomel, 3 clenbuterol DAY 6,7-1 cytomel, 3 clenbuterol

WEEK 8 DAY 1,2,3,4,5,6,7-4 clenbuterol

WEEK 9 DAY 1,2,3-5 clenbuterol DAY 4-4 clenbuterol DAY 5-3 clenbuterol DAY 6-2 clenbuterol DAY 7-1 clenbuterol

dude, why do you need to do this stuff?

unless you are

  1. getting paid for something that requires it,


  1. fairly knowledgeable about performance enhancer use,

fucking with this stuff is potentially pretty dangerous.

clenbuterol can cause necrosis in the heart.

Apparently, the discipline required to eat clean is too much for this guy.

todd is correct

Dear Sir,
Stay off the performance enhancing drugs. You can make excellent gains in strength and conditioning both for sport/performance enhancement and health/fitness by working hard and eating a well-balanced diet. To increase muscle mass, take in more more calories than your expending (called a positive caloric balance) and dedicate yourself to a well-designed and balanced strength training program.

The side-effects from steroid use may include disorders to the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, and reproductive system (your nuts), as well as a host of psychological side-effects. Have the foresight to prevent disorders that you will regret (as I have been told by others who have used steroids and have had to deal with medical problems attributed to the steroid use). Train hard, eat right.

Steroids are harmless compared to clenbuterol

'roids are shortcuts for the mentally weak. Have fun & thanks for coming, & try

do you get a free pair of parachute pants to hold your massive thighs with every Clenbuterol prescription?