I lifted weights all throughout High School and some of College, I just recently left college and decided to get surgery on my head and shoulder that was long overdue. Well now that I'm healed up I decided to get back into the gym and MY GOD is the D.O.M.S. crazy. I've had a few periods of inactivity so I'm no stranger to D.O.M.S. but this time around is almost unbearable, the long head of my triceps is still sore as hell 5 days after my tricep workout. It sucks most because its effecting my other workouts.

So let me have all of your D.O.M.S. remidies, homemade or otherwise, they dont even need to be verified. If you remember that your grandpa mentioned that eating cinnamon sticks helped D.O.M.S. then let me know and I'll give it a shot.

Thanks in advance.

Ibuprofen and lots if water. Like 2400mg of ibuprofen a day for 3 days. Phone Post

Active recovery for me.

Stretching the muscles POST workout helps me a lot...never stretch ebfore, makes you weaker and increases DOMS.

I most often recommend that upon return to strength training after a long lay-off (or when just starting out), one train every day for the first five days to help prevent and alleiviate the DOMS issue. Then drop to three times per week (non-consecutive days) and still later, probably drop to two times per week (once strength has doubled on average for 10 RM).

Hot & cold alternating showers, Ice baths, Ice massage.

Here are some ideas: CLICK 


I like to just move as much as possible Phone Post 3.0

rpribyl - Ibuprofen and lots if water. Like 2400mg of ibuprofen a day for 3 days. Phone Post

Ibuprofen will decrease your muscles ability to get stronger as they repair. Your muscles rely on the inflammatory response. Might make you feel better but it will hinder your progress. Phone Post

Active recovery... move, stretch, foam roll, massage.
Contrast showers, ice and salt baths, and drinking a lot of water also help.

I always find I have doms until I work that muscle in some way again. After I work it , it feels loosened up and not bruised. Legs especially will hurt until I squat again and then they feel great Phone Post