Dan Hardy gets purple belt from Eddie Bravo (vid)

Grats - http://www.fightersonlymagazine.co.uk/news/viewarticle.php?id=2942

Not trying to bash and I dont want to sound stupid but i thought Eddie didnt believe in the gi so what is the point in giving out a belt system. I guess just as a ceremony? Is there any difference in the level of his belts and traditional bjj belts.


maybe as a sign of rank in his system?

it sounds crazy, i know, but we just.. may.. be... ontosomething!


 congrats guys!

gogojeffa - derrrrrrrrrr,

maybe as a sign of rank in his system?

it sounds crazy, i know, but we just.. may.. be... ontosomething!

Maybe i did not word my question right, is there any differences in the way Eddie Bravo ranks his belts as compared to traditional BJJ since he has innovated his own brand and style of Jiu jitsu. I am a fan of his style and techniques just curious if there is a difference Congrats to Dan hardy and his other promotions. I know both Eddie and Dan post here maybe they can answer.

jsteven, eddie looks for your understanding and application of his techniques, like rubber guard, lockdown half guard, and twister, when ranking us. that does not mean that such moves are all that we work on or that we have to know,but eddie puts a special emphasis on them


yeah, beating gono and davis doesnt really mean much either. i guess you would know way better than dan about fighting and who to train with cause you have mixed it up with much tougher opponents.

Congrats Dan!

 congrats to all

But they don't wear belts?

he should have just given him a purple shirt so we dont need to have the belt debate again...

he is going to look like a fukin dork wearing that belt with no gi...

oh, wait, maybe he will just hang it on the wall like a trophy...

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my brown belt sits in my closet.

checkuroil - my brown belt sits in my closet.


I love the random camera man chatter at the start- "yeh my wife...blah blah blah.."

well done to Dan Hardy and all the others. I agree it's strange to give out belts in no-gi but don't know why people get so worked up over it

While I think belts as a ranking for a nogi system are silly, I find it the most frustrating that most people think these are BJJ belts/ranks. Like a purple "belt" in 10th Planet JJ has a similar skill level to a BJJ purple belt. I wish it was more clearly explained to people so they were not given that assumption.

JoeJitsuMD,What do you mean? Are you saying they are of a higher or lower quality? I have only rolled with ONE 10th Planet guy and he was a white belt, so I could not really tell at all.

Do you think an Eddie Purple is not as good as a standard BJJ Purple? Gi and no Gi?


it's more symbolic than saying hey.. you are a grade up now! woohoo! some people need to pull the stick out of their ass