Dan Henderson got lucky

Dude dealt out several of the most brutal single shot death blows on already completely unconscious opponents. We’ve often seen it in mma where guys who dish out punishment like that seem to eventually receive some karmic payback. But while not without taking his share of lumps, Dan got out the game without ever really taking one of those clean and brutal KO losses. Especially not the KO shot while already KO’d. Thank goodness for those couple of beatings Vitor was able to put on him at least. Lucky fucker.


Well he wasn’t often “already KO’d” in the first place but maybe just one of those would have been better than all of the prolonged punishment his chin afforded him sometimes.


Fuck Vitor for those. Hendo was on TRT, Vitor was on all the rest.



fucking BANG.

Both of them were on PEDs but its fuck Vitor while Henderson gets a pass. Fanboy excuses are funny.


Remember when Vitor was coming off for the Weidman fight and months later was still elevated? Then when he had to fight clean wqs completely deflated?
Dan was pretty open about his use and it seemed minimal in the fact he went off for the Rashad fight and seemed/looked the same as ever.
Call it fanboy excuse all you want, you are just not using your empty head here.


You’re all on steroids


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Prime Fedor beats prime Hendo 9/10 times! Congrats to Hendo on that win though, hats off!


he’s a legit all time great, but he benefitted more than anyone from the use of TRT, except perhaps Vitor and Randy. and the decision to land that diving punch on bisping was borderline criminal.

in future, landing late killer blows on unconscious fighters will be treated as a very serious foul.


that said, when it comes to suffering and getting damaged by fighting, i think he’d lost all his teeth before he had even started competing in mma

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Anyone talking smack on Hendo. Is basically a bitch. He took on everyone and anyone from his Pride days and beyond. Guys that were juiced or not.


I don’t like the Hendo slander going on here
Fucking legend


Vitor wrecked his shit. He literally punched Dan off of his feet.

Dan went from being Decision Dan to H Bomb Hendo on the trt. Tough motherfucker wbo can crack. His fight with Feijao was great in Strikeforce and not really talked about.


Feijao had him hurt for a second that was a great fight indeed.

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Hendo’s 3rd and 4th pro fights were vs Goes and Newton.

His 7th, 8th, 9th,10th and 11th pro fights were vs Yvel, Big Nog, Babalu, Wanderlei and Renzo.

Talk about getting after it!

Hendo fought anyone and everyone for 19 years.

:His last ten fights were vs killers just like the first ten. Despite his age the last ten included fights vs DC, Lombard, Vitor, Bisping, Mousasi, Shogun, Evans and Machida.

At 32-15 Hendo fought as many elite killers as almost anyone who has ever put on a pair of MMA gloves.


He’s gone through 3 nick names.

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Oh hear we go. Another mindless post from “mindless-idiot” How exactly does a man taking steroids benefit more than other men taking steroids? In Pride and earlier UFC. Lots of fighters took steroids and performance enhancers. It wasn’t very well regulated. Another nonsensical statement from a poster who is known to have HUA syndrome. ( head up ass)

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