Dana: Jones, Lesnar are not the $5 million owner


Dana White: Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar are not the $5-million-dollar man

On a quest to find out which UFC fighter earned a $5 million payday, Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar were taken out the running.

In an interview yesterday with SciFighting.com, UFC President Dana White said that neither former heavyweight champ Lesnar and current light heavyweight champ Jones were the fighter that scored the $5 million paycheck for one fight.

It’s not as though the list of fighter who earned that much money is a long one, though. White has said in the past that he’s made millionaires out of about 30 fighters, so this only cuts the list down by two.

White did say, however, that the fighter that earned that glorious check is still an active UFC fighter. He wouldn’t say who the fighter is, of course, because “it’s just nobody’s business how much money they make.”

Who do you, GRACIEMAG reader, think the owner of that big payday is? Let us know in the comment section below.

Maybe it's James Toney?

edit: Wait, nvm it's not him. It's gotta be GSP Andy right? Maybe Andy for Chael P. Hematch?

chuck probably. friend clause in his contract.

John M -

Maybe it's James Toney?

Thats what I first thought..... Phone Post

GSP or Ando...GSP makes a killing (for himself and Zuffa) when he fights in Canada

Toney's pay was reported. He earned a flat half million with no PPV revenue. If you want to find the $5million man, look at the largest PPV sales and go from there.

GSP, Chuck, or maybe just maybe Anderson Silva.

This is MMA news now? When Dana plays a guessing game with people? Smh.


No problem with OP posting it, more with people playing along with the 100's of stories after each sentence Dana says.

who cares ? and why ? lol

It has to be Big Ben. Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't be surprised if it was when GSP fought Kos the second time. Phone Post

ManWithTheIronFists - My guess is it's GSP or Anderson.

Has to be. Phone Post

Gotta be GSP Phone Post 3.0

I don't know how much he made, but Chael got absolutely paid for both Silva fights. He promoted the shit out of both of those fights and I'm sure he was compensated very well for doing so. The PPV's were huge. The question is, did Zuffa give him a larger % of the PPV buys than Silva, for the promotional value he added.

Chael P Sonnen of course. He is the highest paid athlete in the UFC. Phone Post 3.0

Wand Phone Post 3.0

It's Anderson. He has the same type of sponsorships in Brazil that guys like Peyton Manning have in the States. GSP might be close as well, because he is one of Gatorades poster boys in Canada.

It was GSP, as memory serves. I'm sure someone in here with their ridiculous ability to go back and cite articles can find it. I'm almost 100% on this. I'm sure Anderson has made in that neighborhood as well but GSP definitely did and said as such Phone Post

Gsp when he fought at the Rogers centre in Toronto Ontario, gate was over 55,000 people.

Imagine there were big bonuses that night. Phone Post 3.0