Dana White bans Lesnar from UFC...

for passing the guard in his MMA debut.

I finally saw this fight and while his opponent might not have been great, Lesnar immediately got the takedown and went to pass the guard. He's already shown more technique than half of the guys in the UFC.

I'm a Lesner fan, but the guy only had 1/2 guard, and he really didn't put up much of a fight to keep it. Let him get in Nog's full guard, and see if he passes.

It cracks me up when a fighter wins a fight he turns into the greatest MMA fighter EVER. If a fighter loses he's washed up. Why do so many people take a fight to the extreme? Brock may be great, however we do not know YET. It was only one fight against a fighter with a losing record.

The reason is the UFC doesn't employ asian tomato cans to be the fall guys for there fighters.

The guys brought in as feeders, are actually usually pretty good, and can surprise people ala the Jardine fight.

How come Brock never got in the US wrestling squad?
Was it because he didn't want to (focusing on prowrassling instead) or becuase he wasn't good enough?

Brock Lesnar would beat Fedor in round one via gogoplata. 100% sure.

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Date: 06/04/07 08:42 AM
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Asian tomato cans like Yoon Dong Sik who is never capable of upsets.

That wasn't an upset.

I'm stunned people are making such a big deal out of his transition from half guard to mount.

That's week one BJJ.

I was also surprised he passed when you see bjj black belts in the UFC stay in the guard for 3 rounds.

I love how after K-1 and GFC there's always tons of people shouting "ZOMG IMMEDIATE GUARD PASS, YOU DON'T SEE /THAT/ IN THE UFC!"

News flash - when you put an elite grappler against someone who's 4 and 12, you're going to see a lot quicker guard passes than if you matched fighters up competitively.

Isn't this the same UG that was badmouthing pro wrestling and Brock Lesnar 1 week ago? What a joke.

Welcome to the UG? It's been like this for ever, why surprised?

It's just worse now due to mainstream.

Half the guys on the UG would beat Dong Sik. Not myself but...

A Silver medal in judo means that the guy doesn't suck


This is MMA.


"He's going to have 40-50 lbs of muscle on a lot of heavyweights."

Which can work against him if he's fighting a SKILLED fighter.

How cool would it be to see Lesnar get a body lock on big Tim? I could see Brock putting his wrestling skills and impressive strength to use with some incredible slams.

The guy doesn't suck.

I'd like to see Brock take a good knee on a takedown attempt. If he handles it well .... we'll go from there.

"how so? brock is as fast as a small heavyweight, with 40-50lbs on the small heavyweights. how can anyone see that as a bad thing?"

See Bob Sapp, James Thompson, and Mark Kerr vs. insert skilled fighter

I'd love to see Brock slamming the shit out of big Tim Sylvia xD