Dana White changing rounds?

Came across this on a Sherdog forum:

"I heard Dana say on "The Carmichael Dave Show" he'd like to change the format of the rounds from 3 rounds for regular fights, and 5 for championship fights, to 5 and 7 respectively; but that it's up to the commissions not the UFC."

Damn :(

See Baroni's thread.  This is a terrible idea, IMO, for all the reasons Phil provides.

3 rounds with a 10 minute first!

"3 rounds with a 10 minute first! "

Best way to do it.

NYBA's post:



More rounds will lead to more serious injuries and possible deaths.

Bad idea.....

Most fights 5 3 minute rounds, champs, 7 3 minute rounds.

1 round that is 15 minutes for regular fights and 1 round that is 25 minutes for title fights.


great idea reb. people forget that shorter rounds = higher paced action, because people aren't pacing themselves, afraid they'll gas out.

3 minute rounds will give strikers a HUGE advantage. Setting up a good takedown, position, and then submission in 3 minutes is hard.

Just leave the fucking rounds the way they are! Is there something broken?

agree--3 minute rounds may as well call it san shou (I exaggerate, but it is a huge advantage to strikers)

"Setting up a good takedown, position, and then submission in 3 minutes is hard. "

see, more incentive to press the action! they can't wait around for it, they have get their takedown and make it happen!

Yeah, it's more of a business thing for UFC. Hopefully non bought out athletic commissions don't go for this.

Dear Dana,


5 Rounds for regular and 7 for Championship sounds good to me.

It's also a SMART business Decision. Less Fights/Fighters on a Card=more Money in Dana's Pocket.

BADDDD for the sport!!

hey the fight business IS a business. the more exciting it is, the more people buy, the bigger and better they can make the product.

the NFL tweaks their rules every year to improve their product. if we want to be competitive, we will have to do the same.

Do you think this is a good idea Gannon? 

5 round and 7 round fights?  5 minute rounds?

(edited, read that you were talking shorter rounds).

The only problem with the current system is I find myself wishing some non-title fights could be 5 rounds; eg Penn/GSP or Chuck/Silva