Daniel Moraes, 3X world Champ inTX

Thats right! Here are some details and even some pictures from ADCOMBAT if I remember right:


he will be in north carolina for about 2 or 3 weeks training for the nationals. i feel sorry for whos name is across from his in the bracket at the nationals because i dont think they know whats about to come at them--he is just nasty when it comes to bjj skills

nationals in what?

The Relson Gracie Nationals. I will be there as well, Daniel will leave the Nationals & come to Austin, then we will go to Hawaii to fight in the Internationals, Daniel will be staying & training out of Hawaii for a while, maybe a month...

Then Daniel will be back in Austin! His website will be up very soon.

Daniel is a badass and a really great guy!

His methods and techniques come straight from the best.

Don't miss this if you can make it!!


Is he competing in Gi and No-Gi?

He always has done both types of competition, he will be where the money is. He will also be fighting NHB in a couple years. He's already giving me his "if I were doing Vale Tudo" impression, watch out!

http://www.austinjj.com/daniel.pdf - here is the flyer for the event.

www.DanielMoraes.com is now bought & will be up soon!


sorry to say it , but i will not be able to compete this year at national. also, i will not be training this week so i will not see you this time around.

i went back to school to get a computer sci degree and i have had a very hectic two weeks. i already know that relson is going to be pissed!!!

i will be at the arnolds and will win the gi and no gi....hehehehe. good luck bro. tell christy i said what's up!

rahman howard


If you get down time stop by & say hi, after you get that comp. sci. degreee, it will pay off (or we will put you to work. If you decide to take a break from the books lets hang out. give me your e-mail & I will shoot you my cell #. I will have it with me. I hope you get to take a break, if not I look forward to seeing you win at the Arnolds, I will go to that tournament as well. I will be briging more people from Austin. I will be going to Hawaii to fight in the Internationals as well in Nov. Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Any chance of sending Daniel my way for a seminar? Give me a call or email


Phoenix, Arizona Chapter
3044 N. 24th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Tel: (602) 321-6544
Email: nzigler@cox.net

maybe you could take Daniel to your place, then there & train? This would say him on airfare, I could convince him today, I could give you the # to reach him & you can hammer out the details, give me a ring. Phil


are you going?? Ohio? hawaii??

I hope you're having as much fun as you can....people are plotting on you here.

Take care!

Phil, I left you a message on your phone at the gym. Try to either call me or send me an email at paulviele@aol.com

Phil's in Ohio for the Nationals until Sun/Mon. I'll relay this message.


you have mail.

Phil, the email you sent me was blank. I need to speak with Daniel before he leaves. Can you guys contact me on the number I left you..