Danny Abbadi?

Anyone know anything about Danny Abbadi? I remember him when I was 17 when our Islamic Schools used to be rivals. I was from Tampa and he was from Orlando. Besides being a Taekwondo teacher, i don't know anything besides him being annoying.

ttt for rival Islamic schools

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He is training for Prides next LW GP.

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Modeling handbags.

Gurgel's knee blew out. FYI.

I know he is going to get his ass handed to him by Diego Saraiva in an upcoming WEF fight!

"Gurgel's knee blew out. FYI."

I thought that was the excuse in the fight with Hominick, not the Abbadi fight?

danny is a cool guy

Smac1, the problem with the Hominick fight was Jorge can't run as fast as Hominick. Its hard to beat someone that runs faster than you.

Plus its not an excuse, Jorge just got off of his crutches about 3 weeks ago. The cruthes he has had to use since the surgery on his knee in case you didn't know.


i saw jorge in kentucky about 2 or 3 weeks ago at caged inferno and you can tell his knee was still fucked up

any vids of him floatin around??

I hate him


"Either he's pretty damn tough, or Gurgel is severely over-rated."

Little bit of both, IMO. And I really don't mean that to be fighter bashing. Gurgel is very good, and probably a fantastic BJJ instructor. My problem lies in watching and listening to Gurgel on TUF2 about how he was going to breeze through the competition to finals against Joe Stevenson. Then watching him perform I was left wondering where this self proclaimed world beater was. Then came the injury explanation, followed by more sub par performances that were later blamed on injuries as well. Basically, my problem is this: Having confidence is one thing, but don't tell me on national tv how you are the greatest thing since sliced bread without backing it up. BTW, Ed Herman is in the same boat.

Danny Abbadi probably had the least overal skillset and emptiest toolbox of everyone on TUF2. However, he has shown incredible heart, and the ability to learn and improve since then. I'll watch his fights anytime.

Can someone post Abbadi vs. Gurgel fight? 


Gurgel blew out his Left knee in his fight on TUF 2. After surgery he rehabbed the hell out of it and came back to fight Hominick. During his fight with Abbadi he blew out his Right knee and had to have surgery on that.

He is now rehabbing the hell out of that one to be back in the UFC in 07. Most men never overcome such adversity at this level of competition.

You speak of HEART yet you don't seem to recognize it when it is right in front of your face.

Jorge was healthy against Hominick and it showed.