Dave Hart

Give me your opinion of him?

Yes, I meant Dave Hart in Fort Wayne. I was just wondering how people felt about him. I have been all over and trained with alot of great fighters and schools. I would put Dave's techniques and style up against any of them. I would loved to have trained with him in his prime. I bet he was even more of a load then. Yeah there were sme tough guys who either trained regularly or came by to check it out. Jay Luce Pat and Tim. Josh,Joe Deleo, all the old school KOBK guys and of course Stan. I wonder where Stan Allen is now?

Josh Taylor? Is he long haired Josh kind looks like Jesus? By the way who is this? Nice to know KOBK in one form or another is still around.

Leevan? Name doesn't ring a bell? As for Jay's flatulence, I was to busy tapping to notice.

..mutant power crushers?? How about highly skilled and technical BJJ practionors. :)

Highly skilled BJJ powercrushers? I 'm not what was worse the powercrushing or the fact that Pat never got Tired!

OK WTF is a powercrusher?

Is it like a PowerRanger?

And why did the black dude have to be the black ranger and the asian chick had to be the yellow one?

Conspiracy? I think so!

You are Fredtastic!

"And why did the black dude have to be the black ranger and the asian chick had to be the yellow one? "

LOL Ranger racism!

So was the Green Ranger a tree hugger? What ever happened to the Pink Ranger?

Did the VR Troopers have the same racism?

Vanteeth, has Freddy ever felt the wrath of one of the power crushers?

"OK WTF is a powercrusher?"

Ok, here you go. very few live to describe this to others.


why can't you post pictures on this forum?

Ya think! I was there the first day The brothers Grimm ( Pat and Tim) walked into K.O.B.K. I have been neck cranked and smashed by them for years. I was even there when Tim broke Pat's foot in class! Yes I have been crushed thank you.

Are you the Freddie who fought Mike Tyson and was Dan Severn's boxing coach? Are you the same Freddie who tapped out Severn?

Yeah I am the same guy. I was the youmgest guy to fight and defeat Tyson and win the heavyweight title 11 times even though I only was about 135lbs at the time. And I taught Severn to be the devastating striker that he is. Dont forget I tapped out everyone who ever trained at Michigan Sports Camps too. I am as you have already read


Why, do you want a lesson ?


What's been going on? Are you still in the Ft. Wayne area?


whats going on man?

No, I moved out to Laketon ( about 4 miles south of North Manchester). Heard you got married, congrats.
Still training? I have been rollig with some college and high school wrestlers on and off for awhile. But that is all. I am about 220lbs. I look like a mini me to Tim.

LeeVan why you showin of my baby pictures man. I look good doin those Chuks too!


Not much has been going on. I haven't got married yet, but have the live in girlfriend in Auburn. I'm still training a few times a week with my group of "mutant power crushers". I just fought on 04/08 at the Plex. Go to www.groundnpound.org. Go to event coverage; they have a pic and a play by play.


Armbar win huh? Imagine that! :) I might have something coming up let me know if you have anyone or you yourself want to fight. I'll let you know for sure when and if it happens.