David Camarillo???

Look, you guys have know idea what has been going on since Dave left Ralphs. I will give you some info that you don't deserve, because you are making ignorant accusations.

  1. Dave leaves Ralph's after being locked in a room and threatened at the academy.

  2. Ralph goes f'in nuts when he finds out that Dave still talks to Crosley, threatens Dave again, comes to his house to "talk" Dave was not in the house.

  3. At a fight in Hawaii, they try and start sh!t with him again in a group and it get diffused.

  4. I could go on but I hope you get the point.

  5. The same people try and start sh!t at the Pan Ams and it get's diffuse once again, and the something was said at a later time about how they were going to get him...

This is America not Brazil, you have the right to leave an academy when ever you want and do what you want. You also have the freedom to go places and not be in fear of being attacked whether or not you can defend yourself.

Calling Dave a pussy for protecting himself and his business is just a dumb statement. This is not about fighting this is about ending the situation the right way.

dave's character has never been questioned, while sapao is pretty much a headcase. this seems to me like camarillo decided to deal with this situation like an adult, even though if it came down to it, would probably annihilate sapao.

plus i wouldnt be surprised if ralph was somehow behind sapao's antics, ie instigating an altercation.

I believe you Malloy.

When Dave was at Ralph's, he was much more of a kick ass and take names wild guy. Since leaving Ralph's, he's become super professional, expresses himself intelligently and is very focused on positive things. There is something about Ralph's academy that is wacky and uber aggressive. If what Malloy says is all true, I think we know why Dave handled this through legal channels.

Some people think that a "fight" is the end. I know from experience that kicking a guys ass means nothing. I've fought and then had guys fuck with my car, make threats etc. AFTER the fight. This isn't the UFC, it's real life. I'm sure if ATTACKED, Dave would defend himself. But why play into some illegal altercation when the guy has so much to loose??

Better yet if you can believe this, an individual that was going to Brazil was seen talking to Dave and was threatened. "If you keep talking to him we will shut down Brazil and you can't go and train."

I know this for a fact Dave will not be happy with me for posting the facts. This needs to be known, and I know Dave would take the higher ground and not say anything, but I can't.

What the fuck is wrong with people? How is fighting going to solve problems with Sapao and Dave? So Dave is suppose to fight Sapao because he threatens his career,family and his students? So if Dave beats Sapao or looses Sapao in a street fight or a bjj match, what then? Dave did the right thing.

How is fighting going to solve this problem?
Are they suppose to meet next to the sandbox at lunch time?

Fucking grow up.

malloy.. long time no see man. hope all's well.

and, lets not forget, that there is a very real reason why bjj has earned a bad reputation in the past and why even many brasilians who are here today are distancing themselves from the mafia-style bullcrap.

it doesnt work that way here. if you want an academy full of thugs, fine. enjoy it. but that is only going to make people not want to get into bjj and will ultimately hurt the sport moreso than anything else.

Dave is doing the right thing. period.

Ralph seems to have a cult style academy with his blakbelts having tatoos of Ralph on their heads..very odd. Camarillo must regret the tatoo of Ralph he has on his lower back.

I would say aside from Malloy's post the best assesment given here was by usurper. Don Lind, there is no word on any street that Dave is scared of Sapao one on one, unless perhaps it's the street that Ralph's academy is located at.

Don, Say you have 2 Black belts they let you enter a room first then one of the Black belts blocks (with his body) and locks the door and the other is positioned in the way of the escape. You are LOCKED in the ROOM.

Don, I don't know you or where you train but imagine if your instructor did this, do you think you would be a little intimidated?

Dude this is not fiction, you will see all of this in print.

All of the above.

Brains beat brawn.

Sorry that many of you think Dave should just fight it out. Contrary to popular belief fighting isn't going to solve anything. Ralph is going to continue his character assassination. More of Ralph's guys are going to be gunning for Dave. Things will escalate. They always do.

Getting a restraining order is a smart move. For a number of reasons that many of you knuckle heads will never understand.

From experience I will tell you WHY. In any fight you are defending yourself THREE times:

First you defend yourself against your assailant.
Second you defend yourself against criminal charges.
Third you defend yourself against civil charges.


I don't doubt Dave's ability in the first fight. And he has shown that he is ready for the second and third fights. It isn't cowardice. It is planning.

Bill Jones, how is Ralph doing a character assassination? I know Ralph disapproves of Dave now, but he never speaks of him.

yes the tattoo is true, not sure if he's had it removed yet.


From what I hear Dave has had a special kevlar vest custom made for his character. Numerous reports of seeing Ralph on rooftops with a rifle have not been confirmed.

LOL @ this whole deal...


LOL at this whole mess. Double LOL for Daves Ralph tattoo...

From reading Malloy, why did he then put the order against Sapao and not Ralph??!

Well hopefully it will still allow Sapao to be with his students at a tournament without getting in trouble just for being in the same vicinity