Day Classes at O2!

Due to popular demand, O2 Martial Arts Academy is starting Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu day classes on Friday, May 2!  We will be holding classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

We have none other than Sam Mahi teaching the classes who is one of Relson Gracie's first black belts and one of the founders of O2 (formally Relson Gracie Aiea Association & Academia Casca Grossa de Jiu-Jitsu) along with Chris and Mike Onzuka.  We are excited to have Sam back teaching with the academy.  In addition to being one of Relson's first black belts and one of the guys that trained with Relson the longest, he also used to be the head instructor for the Honolulu Police Department and a former Marine.  We could not ask for anyone better to head our classes during the day. 

We will be holding the classes at the Oahu Tae Kwon Do Academy located in the building right behind the one we are currently at which is Makai of the bike path facing the ocean on the second floor.  The building is in Harbor Center which is located right between Best Buy and Cutter Ford Aiea so it is centrally located, easy to find, and has a ton of parking.  The academy has Swain/Zebra mats and air conditioning!  What better location and conditions to train during the day then there. 

Oahu Taekwondo Center in Aiea

98-025 Hekaha Street Suite 2F (2nd Floor)
Aiea, Hawaii 96701

We will have a few purple belts assisting as well so the students will have a lot of high level training partners and an unbeatable student to teacher ratio.  With Sam teaching the classes, this will be the closest thing to taking classes directly from the source other than taking class from Relson himself!

We invite all O2 students as well as any other Relson Gracie student to attend the classes.  Any guys or gals that want to start training in Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and are not affiliated with another BJJ school are welcome to come to sign up.  There are no enrollment periods and you can sign up anytime.

Your first class is free to try out the class!  It's our job to make you want to come back.  We stress a family environment and safety is paramount. 

These classes are a perfect compliment to the 7 days of training already offered at O2 Martial Arts Academy.  We offer maximum flexibilty with prices and the ability to jump between Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with Shane Agena, Gye Nitta, and  Mike & Chris Onzuka and now Sam Mahi, Kickboxing with Kaleo Kwan and Chris Slavens, and Kali/Escrima with Ian Beltran and Erwin Legaspi in addition to these newly added day classes. 

O2 Martial Arts Academy
98-019 Kam Hwy Uniti 208A (Second Floor facing Kam Hwy)
Aiea, HI 96701

O2 Martial Arts Academy has all your self defense needs in one place! 

Check out for more info! 

Hope to see you in class soon!




 Chris and I have full time day jobs. There is not a lot of money as a GJJ instructor. Someone could probably squeze by, but with no medical, retirement, etc., I do not think it is a fiscally viable option for long term financial security. There are guys that do it, but we also like the ability to turn down students based on attitude and if they train at other schools because we know all the other instructors and do not want to hinder our relationship with them in case it looks like we are stealing students. It's not worth $50 ror $80 to screw a relationship.

Our tuition starts at $50 and goes up to $140.

Sam is a monstah!

very good deal.
I can see a demand for afternoon classes.

not to be a snitch but how is half my staff O2 students yet I have NO flyers promoting your school?

this and who really built the pyramids are questions I may never find the answers to....



just wondering but.. didnt the kid who beat up rhalan train at O2? or was that after that fight?

that was koa mt. he trained a couple of times at o2 prior to that fight. most of his training was done at eastsidaz.

Congrats on setting up day classes. Hope it goes well. Good luck to any students who attend those day classes, you'll need it. Being stuck under Sam for any amount of time sucks ass (haha)!

This is an awesome situation for the Relson students who have been "asking" for something like this for a long time.

At least finishing class at 1400 will still help avoid after-school traffic ugh! :(

Good reply :)

Why the different location?

landlords and parking problems

just talked to sam this morning about this & i can't be happier. this means i don't have to back track to town as much to take morning classes. so you may see my fat ass in there atleast once a week.

smiles at the thought of reaching "40 classes" 2 times faster now =)

in fact i might be able to catch up to chris, shane, & ren lol.

 our lease agreement does not allow us to do day classes because parking in front of our building is just plain madness during the day. We never had anyone step up to commit to day classes so we felt that it was not a deal breaker for the new place. We're stoked that Sam could commit.

MT, we had to tell Koa not to come to our place 2 weeks before the fight (as soon as it was signed) so he did most of his training at Eastsidaz. We already worked on stuff for another opponent when he came by, but did not have a lot of time to drill it before they inked the fight. Eastsidaz have a great team there so he was well prepared.

For the record, I told everyone that was a bad match up.

Do you smell what The Mobutu is cook'n?!

is there day time mind boxing?

 lol at Alpha calling 12 noon morning class.  Glad I now have the option of a noon class for those days when I don't feel like going to work.

Mike what would be the tuition for 28 classes a month?

so like if someone now is paying 140 for 20 classes a month would he just pay $15 per additional?

or is there going to be an unlimited pay option?

Mike Onzuka you are the man. Definetley now fits perfectly with my schedule hope to see you soon

Mahalo PO

That is a good question in regards to the tuition.  What we plan is that guys can pay per class only for the day classes at $10 a class.  If they pay at the beginning of the month, then we will go $40, $80, and $120.  If there are 5 days in a month, you will get that free. 

This is a slight adjustment from our night rates because our rent at the TKD place is based on a per body count. we cannot discount the classes as much as we can for our night classes.  For our night classes, you get a lot more classes for a little more. 

To answer your question Junon, the unlimited class price for both day and night classes would be $140 for the night classes and $120 for the day for a total of $260, but you would get 12 classes per week. 

We do not have day boxing/kickboxing classes, but we will be starting a women and kids kickboxing class on Sundays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  I am thinking that we may open it up to everyone, but we would like to focus on women and kids.  These classes will also be $10 a class or $40 a month.  We have been talking with Kaleo to possibly do more classes so we will try this one out first and as his schedule opens up, maybe we can do more classes. 

We have a lot of big plans for O2 so stay tuned!  We have a great staff of head and assistant instructors that provide top notch instruction so Chris and I could not be happier. 

Kyle killed us with sprints last night.  I'm giving Kaleo a call to see if his legs are sore already too.  It sucks to be old and out of shape.