De La Hoya/Mayweather Predictions

I like De La Hoya to pull of the minor upset decision.

I hope you are right. My heart say ODH, my money says PBF. In this case I hope I lose.

I say DLH and Roach have come up with a smart plan, and DLH goes to the body and bullies Floyd around the ring, clinching and leaning often, in the early rounds to tire Floyd out and get either the late stoppage or a decision.

Floyd by decision.

I also will be supporting OScar. but I can't see him beating Mayweather.

I also agree that Mayweather will get arrogant and try and to KO Oscar.

Floyd big, possible late TKO.

He's going to prove a point Saturday.

It will be a close for 3-4 rounds, but once Floyd adjusts to the range and see's what DLH has, he'll start dropping the straight right and will frustrate the hell out of Oscar. I dont see Oscar quitting but i definently believe the fight could get ugly late and the corner throw in the towel to save DLH from a massive beating.

Like everyone else though ill be pulling for Oscar

If you think Floyd is going to KO Oscar, you are fucking high.

He may outbox him for 12 rounds and win a decision, but seriously. The guy that's been KOed once in his entire career, by Hopkins, is gonna get put to sleep by a guy that couldn't knock down Judah? You are fucking dreaming.

DLH by TKO or KO.

Trinidad said it the other night, and I've been saying it for weeks: everything in this fight favors DLH except Mayweather's speed advantage. Literally everything else goes to DLH

if DLH can hit him he will hurt him, and I can't imagine the fight going 12 rounds without DLH touching him at some point

and no one is going to throw the towel in on the biggest purse of their career. Roach and Mayweather will be sitting on those towels even if their guy is getting murdered

i dont think EVERYTHING favors DLH. I think conditioning and speed favors mayweather. possibly defense too.

the way i see it is this. DLh is, whether rightly or wrongly, is notorious for tiring the
strecth (mosley, trinidad). and that was when he was in his PRIME. Now he is 33.

If what every one is saying is true, his gameplan is to fight rough, push, punch the arms, etc. this is not the way oscar normally fights- he was known for a solid jab and vicious left hook.

so the way i see it, is that a guy who has a rep for tiring down the strecth, who is now 33, is being asked to fight a way he never foguth before, is going to have some problems LATE. A lot of people picking DLH are saying TKO in the late round. The way i see it, he will be too tired by then to catch mayweather.

DLH wins some early rounds, then mayweathers speed/defense takes over- and mayweather coasts to a decision.

mayweather 8-4 UD

i said everything but speed. DLH was notorious for tiring in the stretch against top guys, sure, but he also KO'd Vargas in the 10th or 11th. its not like its a for sure thing that he will tire

I'm not sure Mayweather is even the fastest guy DLH has ever fought. Whitaker was pretty quick too and DLH did fine against him

I can't see ODH getting ko'd by Mayweather. Maybe ref stoppage late if Mayweather can get him in a bit of trouble on the ropes and unloads a string of unanswered punches.

Mayweather is in his prime and the only way I see him losing is against a guy who is just too big and too strong. I don't think ODH is that guy. However I in no way count ODH out of this fight.

"freitas was better than diaz in every way too"

he didn't carry his power up and he didn't have the heart

DLH has never quit in between rounds, and he's the bigger man. If anything, Mayweather would be the Popo in that analogy since he hasn't carried his power up and he's fighting the bigger man

again, no corner is going to stop this fight, especially not DLH's. you are crazy if you think that will happen

I'll be pulling for Oscar, but PBF wins this by decision.

everyone that fights Floyd believes all they have to do is fight rough, touch him and their size/strength will overwhelm him, yet nobody has been able to do it. i dont see how Oscar is going to be able to do anything more effective then others.

if DLH can hit him he will hurt him, and I can't imagine the fight going 12 rounds without DLH touching him at some point

the last time DLH fought someone with world class defensive skills (Hopkins) the only thing he landed before being ko'd was a handful of jabs.

how many "big" shots did he land against Pernell?

Hopkins is only about 20 or 25lbs bigger than Mayweather dude, that's a great analogy

I like Oscar GB Promotions Decision

yea you have to factor that in

I see Oscar winning the whole thing wether knockout or descision. I think Oscar will work the body and then in later rounds work for the head.

Floyd has great skills, but he's never been in a FIGHT.

My money is on Oscar by late KO.

(Or PBF by DQ, who knows what he or Roger will pull if Oscar starts kicking his ass.)

Castillo wasnt a fight?