Dec 31st Pride Card=Best Eva?







Sakuraba/Anderson Silva




"Where the hell did you get those matchups"

Dude, just watch and see what the card is.......

As of right now, this IS the fight card for Dec 31

Shamrock vs Tank?

When was this announced?

Why would they give Kharitonov to Cro Cop? Kharitonov has to be the next legit guy (Yoshida is not legit) in line for a title shot and if Cro Cop wins what then? If Hunt loses too, there is nobody left for Fedor.

Whoa. That is stacked.

But I heard Nog and CroCop were going to have a rematch on that card.

no chance that's the card.

Source please? That card seems too good to be true...

Where'd you hear this?

WTF, zulu?

yo mama

"mino vs hunt will be the battle of the iron heads!"

But it's not taking place on NYE. I know who Minotauro is fighting, and it's not Hunt.

Hunt says he's fighting Mino.

Well, Hunt is wrong.

I trust Ryan G's scoops.

As long as Hunt is fighting somebody that is a good thing.

let's hope Ryan G is wrong. Cro vs. Sergei, and Hunt vs. Mino are gonna be end to end burners

Zulu/Rampage would be beyond moronic. They might as well just say "Rampage, you are no longer a contender. You are now in our parallel dimension with guys like James Thompson and (formerly) Don Frye, who will never be involved in any kind of ranked division."

Sakuraba/Anderson? Sakuraba now weighs 205, minimum, and Anderson is basically 170. Stupid. Anderson isn't in the 160 or 185 GPs but they're going to have him fight portly Sakuraba for no reason whatsoever? Do the Japanese give two shits about Anderson? What is the reasoning behind this matchup?

Tank/Shamrock: Whatever.

Crocop/Kharitonov: Before the Werdum fight, I was all about this match-up; now I'm a little less excited. And as someone pointed out, it's awful matchmaking, since if Crocop wins, there goes another contender. And Crocop will win this, easily.

Fedor/Yoshida: Kind of fun, but obviously the only question is how long (in seconds) Yoshida will last.

Nogueira/Hunt: Silva took Hunt down with ease again and again. Nogueira took down Crocop and had little trouble taking down Kharitonov. I wonder what will happen? Good to see both of them fighting, though. Personally, my ideal would be to have Kharitonov/Alexander, Crocop/Hunt and Barnett/Nogueira. Or Sergei/Barnett and Nog/Alex.

If this is the real card, it is far from the best ever. Thank god for the Bushido finals and Silva/Arona (which might end up being as boring in terms of actual fighting as their first meeting, but at least has a lot of importance).

I heard Mino vs. Cro Cop for that night but who knows.
Ryan what do you know. Cough it up man.

Can you say the source, or is it a secret?

Or is there no source, and you're speculating?

"Looks good on paper but how many of these fights are expected to be works?"
Why have there been a lot of works recently.
I can't recall any.