Degrees of separation, by punches

I have been punched in the face by Jorge Rivera who has been punched in the face by Anderson Silva. 2 degrees of punch separation. How close are you to some of the greats?

Got punched in the face while sparring by my (at that time) soon to be father-in-law about 10 years ago, and he trained briefly with Lou Duva 30 some-odd years ago, who I will assume took shots (again, in sparring!) from more bad mamma-jammas than I can shake a stick at...

2 from Hickson

I've been punched in the face by Mike Bruce who has been punched in the face by Travis Fulton. I'm 3 degrees from every fighter ever Phone Post

I was kicked in the balls by the son of a great Canadian Navy MW boxer. (yeah, yeah...I know). 


2 degrees from Matt Hughes. Punched by Al-Alazawi who fought Hughes.

This is a really cool thread idea! Phone Post

Horn is the Kevin Bacon of this game.  Meaning he likes to dance fruity near VW's


I was punched by a monkey wearing a hawaiian shirt & Bermuda shorts once.....jus sayin

^ Winner.



I was KO'd by Tony Fryklund who was KO'd by Anderson Silva... I don't like where this is going, but at least I have a good idea of what would have happened if I fought the Spider.

Haha! Nice one Kirik!
I was punched in the face by Tony Fryklund, as well as by Tim Sylvia, so that connects me to Anderson and Randy...I'm sure I can think of some others....

Ill give it a shot.

I have trained a little with Rob Radford who is the head boxing trainer of Rich Franklin who was in The Genesis Code with Rance Howard who was in Frost Nixon with Kevin Bacon.

heh heh, this should be fun... I've been punched in the face by both Shogun Rua and Ninja Rua :)

If things other than punches count, was pummeled into mush by Randy Couture and leg locked by Oleg Taktarov...

I was punched in the face by a training partner who competed against one of Rich Franklin's trainers who I assume has been punched by Franklin himself who has been punched by Anderson.

Punched in the face by Spencer Canup, who was punched in the face by Jeremy Horn. (and who has been punched by you name it)

I have been hit by Ryan McRae who has been hit by Doug Marshall who has been hit by Brian Stann who has been hit by Chael Sonnen who has been hit by Anderson Silva.

Kirik, does this make us some form of Eskimo bros???

Also been hit by Jasper who has trained Lavar Johnson who has been hit by Pat Barry who has been hit by Brock and Kongo who has been hit by Mir and Cain. Phone Post

I've sparred my friend jimmy guzman at savannah in htx, who sparred regularly with omar henry, who sparred against floyd mayweather.

Punched by Bill "Superfoot" Wallace...who's kicked everyone and their grandmother in the head.


(Although he was just demonstrating and only connected with my hand like a focus mitt, so it's not nearly as cool)   :(

Anything closer than 5 degrees from Segal will kill a man. Luckily, I was 6 out and it still put me in a coma for 3 weeks.