Demian Maia: Science of Jiu-Jitsu!

Hello again all of my friends & customers. I have been missing in action lately from the forums, but my absence has been for some very positive reasons. This past year, I have been working on some very powerful new DVD projects. As the main producer of DVDs for the WMA, I have recently felt that instructional videos, including my own, were starting to become somewhat redundant. After Garcia 4, I was having a hard time producing another set based on 10 thousand more variations. Garcia 4 was a success but it was sort of an end of the line so to speak with me. I have been through this situation before as a producer where I start to feel somewhat burned out with the process. I had been looking at many new project ideas and coming back with the same thought, is another set like this really needed? At the end of the day however, I knew there was much more to this game that had not been touched. Saulo Ribeiro and I proved that in the highly successful Jiu-Jitsu Revolution series. Who thought we could go back to the basics at that point in time? That series had me also thinking from day one as to going back to the start and finding a deeper solution to improving the game. Late last year, I decided to remove myself from the day to day side of the business and focus on myself, training and my ideas about Jiu-Jitsu. I decided to explore more the depths of Jiu-Jitsu looking at the core of the system in sort of a “Rickson Gracie” mentality. Questions like: Are there underlying principals that are missing from today’s teachings? My journey into this would reveal that the answer to this is yes and would open my eyes in a much bigger way then I ever thought possible. There is much more under the surface that many of the top guys are doing and know, but don’t talk about or teach. This mindset has nothing to do with basics. What I am talking about are principals that are not taught or known by most, that exist even in complicated techniques as well as basic techniques. My searching led to me talking with and eventually working with Demain Maia on the first of a new series of DVDs entitled “Science of Jiu-Jitsu”. 

Demians whole system of fighting is based on these very same principals shown in the DVDs and we worked very hard to expose these concepts to the public. Why would Demian reveal this now and what was his motivation? The answer is simple: He has completed his career in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competing with the Kimono. He had proven himself to be one of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters of his time as well as one of the best Submission Grapplers. He now wanted to create the best instructional DVD series ever made. He had told me that after he saw Saulos DVDs, he had started to create in his mind the next evolution of this process. When we started to brain storm the set, it was like magic all over again. One reason for the “silence” about this series has more to do with me working hard with the likes of Demian Maia, Robert Drysdale and others on these new sets.

  /o:pAs Brandon Vera recently said in an interview, “don’t believe the hype, believe what you see”, you will soon surely see. I believe that this set will change the way we view Jiu-Jitsu with the kimono and open up new doors for everyone. I struggled with choosing clips because I want to just show the whole damn set to everyone now. This series has excited me more then any production I have ever done. I decided to just show the first 2 video clips from each DVD so you can get the flavor from there! Please, watch and enjoy! Using the MMA.TV discount code will get you the set for $99.99. That’s $50 off. This sale ends November 15th

Clips Are Here





Will there be a no gi series?

This is a damn good set. I cant wait to see what people think of it once they see it. I watched it several times already and each time found more and more to love about it.


It's funny, I don't even read the descriptions anymore. I just order.

Those clips are awesome!

that looks excellent

between paul's and jim's stuff i will never be able to pay off my credit card!



Since it is theory, how much of the content is applicable to no gi?




I think you could potentially recommend these to someone who SOLELY trains no gi and they would get their money's worth if they looked past the gi Demian and his partner are wearing. The principles and many of the techniques translate directly into no gi, imo.

That said, I didnt look at it like that when I watched it, so I'd have to watch it again with that in mind to see just how much crosses over.

  1. Awesome clips! I got some good ideas just from watching them; the whole set must be fantastic.

  2. Every now and then, he makes up words, and sounds just like Borat, which is also awesome.

Is the discount code MMA.TV? If so, I tried it and it just emptied my cart.


Just a heads up, "principal" should be "principLE" in your ads.

I have been waiting for a set that directly address principles for yrs.

For some reason if I know the WHY's behind the tech i get it faster.

When I tried a couple of hours ago I was able to watch the first clip. Now I tried to watch the other clips and they didn´t work. Anyway, what I saw in the first clip was exactly what I wanted to see in an instructional dvd!

ttt for what looks like an awesome dvd serie


Great idea/concept for a series! Thanks for keeping things interesting.