DFW: "GSP vs. Anderson All About Legacy"


Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre super fight would be 'all about legacy'

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That's according to UFC President Dana White, who appears to be hitting all the key message points -- and saying all the right things -- when talking about the possibility of locking his two best fighters inside a cage together someday soon:

"What happened is they're both close to cleaning out their division. If Anderson beats Vitor Belfort and St. Pierre beats Jake Shields, seriously, what's left for them?  It's a fun fight to do.... The fans [understand] that. No doubt about it [on the challenge of moving up in weight]. That's what I love about this fight. I'm all about legacy. That's what matters more than the money. I love it if a guy will go up for a super fight like this. Anderson Silva has already moved up and fought at 205. For 'GSP' to do it, I think it's big for his legacy."

Just before his fight with Dan Hardy at UFC 111 on March 27, 2010, which he eventually won via unanimous decision, Georges St. Pierre talked frequently about his legacy, saying (insert trademark accent), "I'm not fighting to be champion anymore. I'm fighting for a legacy.... There's not one fight that will define me... it's the sum of my fights." He's now apparently one win away from having the opportunity to do just that. All the 170-pound champion has to do is take care of current number one welterweight contender Jake Shields at UFC 129 on April 30, and his date with destiny is set. Easier said than done, of course. His potential opponent, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, also has a little work to do to make that dream a reality. The "Spider" puts his 185-pound belt on the line against Vitor Belfort in the UFC 126 main event this weekend. Renzo Gracie -- who has perhaps the most pressure in all of MMA to carve out a legacy and carry on his prestigious surname -- once quipped about how he will be remembered (insert trademark accent), "I will die shitting in my pants like everybody else, but knowing who I was. Knowing for sure truly who I was." St. Pierre and Silva are now apparently teetering on the edge of history, and perhaps leaving long-lasting legacies of their own, while mixed martial arts fans far and wide shit their collective pants in anticipation.

Dana wants GSP to win if the fight happens and feels more confident about a St. Pierre win following the Sonnen fight.

 Funny how this topic dies down if either of them loses.

That tells you how stupid it is to force it.

It would definitely be the biggest MMA fight ever. I want Vitor to win, but if not, then PLEASE make this happen.

VincexLee -  Shogun vs Silva would be nice too. Phone Post

 this..i'd rather see this fight

I dont give a fuck if either of them in or lose their next fight... this will always be a fight I want to see

 Andre Ward vs. Manny Paquiao would be great, too.

Vitor says fuck yo couch.

A shogun vs Anderson fight would be so much better than GSP vs anderson. GSP will shoot for double legs in the beginning of every round and stay down. I bet the fight will go similar to Chael's except that GSP is harder to submit. Phone Post

 Dana's legacy is that he likes to make everything about him.  Even though this fight is about legacy, we are hearing Dana talk about himself.  That is his legacy though.  This is an interesting fight and a chance for Dana to get more camera and mic time to solidify his legacy.  That is Dana's legacy.



I never understood the allure of this fight. Ive met both. Anderson is a big dude, GSP is not. They're nowhere near the same size

bodybag76 - I never understood the allure of this fight. Ive met both. Anderson is a big dude, GSP is not. They're nowhere near the same size

 you screen name is perfect, as gsp would end up in a bodybag.

BrianStann -  GSP out shines Sonnen in ever aspect of fighting...

Except weight, height, strenght and power.

Ever notice how it's always Dana who's talking about "Legacy over money" and not the fighters themselves?

Monsters Ball - Dumb fight.

You really think so?

i think silva catches him with a knee and puts him away. Phone Post

Don't think it's fair to compare GSP coming up to fight Silva with Anderson's foray into 205. GSP would be taking on the guy who defeated everybody 15 pounds heavier than Georges. Andy fought Irvin and Forrest, fer Chrissakes.

Its all about money and furthering the ufcs cause nothing more. they don't give a flying fuck what happens to them other than that .