DFW: Nick Diaz worth 500k payday vs. Matt Brown

haven't posted in ages, but I passionately feel for this one, so i actually recovered my account just to make this post.

the $$$ generated by this fight alone as the main event will more than make up for a 500k payday for Nick. paired with a solid card, it has potential to be the best selling ppv ever. do it Dana. win win for everyone!

UG, agree or disagree??

I wanna see it.

500k is a bargain for this fight. Agree. Phone Post 3.0

Eh, not really. The card would do decent but best-selling ever is quite a stretch. Big names sell fights more than exciting matchups. And neither brown nor Diaz have a name on the level of lesnar, gsp, or silva. Phone Post 3.0

Best co-main event a ppv could have. Not big enough for main event though although I would definitely buy if it was regardless. Phone Post 3.0

Hmu bec I think we might have a future together...seriously, spit on me in public ill get a giant boner before smashing your face in. Phone Post 3.0

Make it happen, Egg! Phone Post 3.0

"it has potential to be the best selling ppv ever"


VanCity_KO - Dead horse. Enough. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

People in the UG overrate Díaz' selling power a LOT. There are a Lot of guys here that think he is the biggest PPV Star right now lol Phone Post 3.0

At the end if the day, it would be Matt brown vs nick Diaz who hasn't won a fight in 2 years. Would it be crazy to see? Yeah. However Matt Brown deserves a better matchup because beating nick won't get him a title shot. Beating Lombard, lawler, woodley, ellenberger would. Phone Post 3.0

300k buys tops Phone Post 3.0

Agree 100%. I love Matt Brown, but Nick gives him trouble in all areas. You can't break Nick Diaz, he has great rangy boxing, amazing cardio, and some of th best Jits in the biz. 

donniejessup - I would actually pay to see Brown beat a dead horse.
Voted up for that one Phone Post 3.0

Not a chance it's the highest ppv, but maybe one of the most entertaining just off main event alone. Phone Post 3.0

Great fight. Perfect co-maxi for a title fight.
Worth the money. Phone Post 3.0

Co-maxi = Co-main Phone Post 3.0

UFC on FOX main event. You want a new Griffin-Bonnar moment? Phone Post 3.0


The problem is it would set a standard for other fighters to claim they are retiring unless they get what they want.

The proper way to hold the UFC's feet over the fire is to do what Gilbert Melendez did with Bellator. Phone Post 3.0