we all know how important fish oil is, but how important is the ratio of DHA:EPA? t-nation has been pushing more DHA than EPA increases test, im sceptical but im not a scientist.

it all depends,

EPA is rsponsible for fish oils anti inflamatory effects plus new research is suggesting high doses of EPA (2-3g) per day has a significant anti catabolic effect on muscles.
Higher concentrations of EPA are found in Salmon,

DHA is responsible for providing stuctural integrity to the cell membranes of the brain. Aiding in concentration and mood (particulary good for children with ADHD etc).
Higher concentrations found in Tuna fish.

If you happen to get a mixed fish body cap, the standard ration is EPA180mg to DHA120 mg = 300m of marine tri aceyl glycerides in 1 gram of fish oil.

At this point im only a student, so dont really know all the answers. BUt the test increase is most probably correct. T-nation is a good site wiht some really learnered people. They dont lie, they market really well, but they dont lie. They only suggest somethig once suffcient study has been done on the nutrient. Unlike alot of others!