diaz's punch DID look weak!

i just watched this fight again. that ko punch looked like an arm punch! im not sayin nick cant bring it, what i'm askin is robbie off balance the way he fights? or is his chin a little weak?

sometimes you hit the sweet spot, like a golf ball.


robbie lost because he fights like a hothead, and doesn't protect his chin while he's throwing wild haymakers. him getting KTFO is the aftermath of having bad form.

Lawler also walked right into it, increasing the power greatly.

Gary Hughes

yea, his technique kinda sucks huh?

diaz looks to have a chin. the lead hand hook always looks weak but ko's lotsa people

sup KKM?

weak punch ='s weak LAWLER :) the guy dont have nothing but a street fight mentality and Diaz schooled him in his own style

Lawler showed that he definitely does not have a weak chin when he fought Aaron Riley and ate dozens of punches and knees to the face. Just goes to show that accuracy means more than power.

Kind of like how Silva's KO of Sak in the GP is not evidence of Sak having a weak chin.

Diaz landed a ton of better shots but that one got the sweet spot or maybe it was the accumulation of a bunch of hard shots landing.

I agree it was just a matter of time before Lawler got knocked out. The way he fights with that open stance and he swings for the fences on about every punch thrown. Its just a matter of someone fighting him that has enough composure to weathers the storm. Diaz took some good shots i say he has a pretty solid chin. Lawler thinks he can knock everybody out he doesnt even try to goto the ground he just swings.

Not to be cocky but i know street fighters here in Ohio that would stomp him fighting in the manner he fought in his fight vs. Diaz. He needs to wisen up go back to the drawing board and learn to fight like Matt Hughes a all around great figther.

my 2 cents

The whole side of the face from the junction of the jaw up to the temple is one large vulnerable area, with some parts being even more vulnerable if you can get them. Hitting those is usually more luck than precision, but it sure looked to me like Diaz found one. He hit him in the proverbial "off switch".

What a great fight, Nick Diaz rocks.

It was a GREAT JAB!

He transfered his weight at the right moment and was accurate thats why it was a very good punch!

It was a right hook from a lefty not a jab.

It was a perfect, short hook, landing right on the knockout button.

If I kicked you in the nuts, as long as it lands flush and on the "sweet spot" I needn't kick you that hard.

That's what makes MMA so unpredictable. That shot, in a boxing match, probably wouldn't have hurt Robbie so bad, but with those tiny gloves you can really bring the hurt.

Lawler took a full force elbow from Riley that landed square on his jaw and wasn't rocked at all, sometimes you just get hit perfectly and it doesn't look like much but it does the trick. Look at the punch Yory Boy Campas knocked down Felix Trinidad with back in the day, it was the exact same thing.

"Lawler also walked right into it, increasing the power greatly."

Yep. Lawler's weight was shifting forward as the punch landed.

yeah I thought it looked weak but getting hit in the right spot takes any man out..

It was NOT a right hook...it was a weak ass jab from a southpaw. Diaz leads and Jabs with his right hand. The right didn't loop or hook at all at all. His lead leg didn't shift or turn. It just jabbed right on Lawler's weak spot.