did james toney win last night?

he fought sam peter.

Peter edges Toney;

Saturday, September 2 2006

By Francisco Salazar and Ryan Macalua at ringside

James Toney (69-5-3, 43 KOs) stood up to the power of Samuel Peter (27-1, 22 KOs), but it was Peter who came away with a twelve round split decision in a WBC heavyweight eliminator Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Toney's quickness and defensive skills gave him the edge early, but Peter got into the fight in round three with some heavy shots. Both fighters landed good punches in round four, with Toney being more accurate. Peter rocked Toney with a right hand in the fifth, and landed some good punches later in the round. Toney came back strong in round six with fast, accurate punches. Action slowed in the seventh and eighth, as Toney outhustled Peter. A point was deducted from Peter in round nine for slapping Toney's ears with both gloves. Peter came out throwing bombs in round ten scoring with some big shots. Toney outworked Peter for most on the eleventh, although he was caught by a few punches late. Peter did more in the twelfth, to win 116-111, 116-111 on two cards, while Toney prevailed 115-112 on the third card.

"I want Oleg," said a jubilant Peter, who entered the ring as the WBC #3 contender. "Toney never hurt me. I am solid like a rock. My game plan was to stick the jab. He picked some off, but it was working all night long. The trash talking before didn't affect me at all." Toney, a former three-time world champion, was incredulous about the decision. "Peter didn't do $#!*," said Toney, 38, the WBC #2 contender going in. "I'm not done with him. Hey, this is a joke. I didn't lose the fight. I took everything away from him. I am not old. I am not fat and out of shape like Larry Holmes. This is not over. We are going to protest."

thx fellas!


Toney won by 3-5 rounds in my opinion and having Peter winning by scores of 116-111 by 2 of the judges (after Peter was deducted a point) is just crazy. The rounds Peter won were on the bases that his wild haymakers hurt Toney but there's no way to be sure of that cos Toney didn't seem badly wobbled or shaky at anytime. The rounds Toney won were clear cos he made Peter miss and countered with effective right hands and controlled the fight with the jab not to mention bloodying Peter up with the accumulation of punches.

with the point taken away 116-111 does sound like a crappy dec

Another example of: How boxing lost all it's credibility.
2@ 116-111 Peters,1@ 115-112 Toney. All the announcers and press box judges had it for Toney. 116-111 after being deducted a point is just ridiculous. Everyone I watched it with was in disgust.

TONEY was wobbled several times, PETERS def hurt him more than the other way around, toney even had his hands on the ropes one time when he was hurt.. TONEY is a lot like JOHN RUIZ, crafty enough to make people miss but he doesnt have heavyweight KO knockout power and he is primarily a counterpuncher, so PETERS was the one aggressively and constantly moving forward.

It WAS close fight. Enohg of TONEY, he needs to finally retire.

Personally, I thought Toney should've won by 2 rounds.

how fat was toney btw?

Toney weighed 233 lbs. while Peter was 257 lbs.

Toney should have one.

Easily the worst decision I've seen in recent memory - those judges are corrupt as fuck and deserve to be beaten into a living death!

Thats why i don't buy pay per views for boxing,They judges are a joke.


Toney won, it wasnt HBO it was Showtime.

It was a close fight, but SAMUEL PETERS WON THE FIGHT as he should have.

TONEY was crafty and hard to hit as usual, making some of Peters' punches look even sloppier than usual. But he did hurt and wobble TONEY several times and did more overall damage in the fight. Toney started each round fast, then Peter was stronger and more active and aggressive, moving forward and taking the fight to Toney. Several rounds Toney tried to finish the round strong but it wasnt enough. A lot of toneys shots caught Peters but did not have enough heavyweight type power to hurt him.

It WAS a very close fight, a somewhat controversial split decision.

At least when PETERS fights you know he can knockout his opponenet at anytime. TONEY needs to retire, his fights at heavyweight are like point style Olympic sparring, like his opponents are wearing headgear cause he doesnt have the power to put their lights out at this weight anymore.

Heavyweith matchups with SAMUEL PETERS will be much more exciting to watch in the future than Toney. The decision did boxing fans a favor this time,

gator man is a cool boxing dude so until i see the fight i will take his word

I can't wait to see Valuev fight. I still have YET to see this mammoth fight!

I wanted to see Toney vs. Klitscko for the title :(...
or one of the titles I should say