Did MayheM ever explain what the f*ck he was doing


Wasn't on drugs or drunk. Now that he is out has be been asked WTF he was thinking????

So bizarre! Phone Post

MayheM I DEMAND you explain yourself to me!! Phone Post

Right? Phone Post

Cocain Phone Post

I have not seen an explanation, but I bet it was a stunt to kick off his comedy career. This sounds like a stunt Miller and Jason Ellis would think up. Phone Post

Bath Salts

MK Ultra Phone Post

TheVandalz - Bath Salts

This Phone Post

I believe he has legitimate mental health issues (serious). They mentioned it on the sherdog and rogan podcasts. Phone Post

Samething he was doing when he walked in the ring after Jake Shields win, being insane...

What kind of world do we live in that you can't hang out in a church naked without getting asked a bunch of questions. Phone Post

Mental, but I still love Mayhem. Phone Post

I believe he was attempting to reach the highest level of parkour.. the "Sanctuary Skeet".

OMA (tm) - MayheM I DEMAND you explain yourself to me!! Phone Post

Translation: Mayhem, you must share your stash, bro. Phone Post

Nameless1 - MK Ultra Phone Post

:o Phone Post

you should do an ATTN:MAYHEM thread on the OG, i think he hangs out there more often

 Probably political imo.

Red Bull and not enough sleep

I doubt he will explain publicly prior to his case being settled.

He Will explain himself to the midwest champion of the world!! That's for god dang sure!! :)