Diego posts vid of Joshua Fabia Fighter Meeting Altercation

Oh I agree… He’s been in some crazy wars. I guess just seeing it in person was what shocked me. He shouldn’t fight ever again. I feel really bad for the guy.

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He’s been in more wars than I can remember…terrible the way he’s going out but I can’t blame Dana here…sucks for Cowboy too…now he’s going to get murdered by Holland

Yeah. You can’t blame Dana. Kevin is gonna kill Cowboy. That’s fucked!


Credit to Dana and UFC to not allow this fight based on health concerns. Shows they care about their fighters like Diego.

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I think she had the job before fucking the fighter

Fabia is a delusional retard.

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It’s unfortunate that it came to this. Ufc did the right thing. Can’t go claiming health issues, and then not be willing to formally state that you have no major concerns when you’re about to fight.

Diego has nothing to gain from continuing to entertain fans in the ring. I hope he doesn’t decline further if he is experiencing long term effects, but that is more than likely what will happen. The other guy is just an ass. From the couple mins I watched, this Fabio character certainly seems the type to try and argue and manipulate his way through stuff to make a point/get what he wants. Diego making dumb decisions of his own right mind is on him. If that other cunt is taking advantage of a fighter who may have lost a step cognitively, he needs a beat down. Let Megan do it.

And wtf, Bonnar. I knew you were a tool after those weird promos with Tito, etc, but are you lost too, or just tagging along?