Ok I've put on about 8lbs in 8 weeks, with decent strength gains. once I hit 10lbs, I want to diet, and see if my body fat gets lower, via my body fat scale.

My question to you guys, I have very high metabolism, if i wanted to, I could probably lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. What is the best way to diet? As far as diet, I know exactly what I need to eat, but I'm just wondering if its worth dieting at a weight loss of 1lb per week, when I could lose it all in 2-3 weeks. I know that when you diet you lose body fat and muscle but does it really help by losing the weight slower?

Thanks in advance.

And one more thing, does running burn body fat that dieting cannot? or if you eat properly, you dont really have to run at all?

just cut a small amount of calories, say, 300, check your progress, and adjust further from there. If you're still gaining a little or staying the same, cut another couple hundred. Making drastic changes is a good way to end up with undesireable results. I would also suggest longer time periods for all of this. 2 weeks at the least.

Go with what jonwell says!

But do remember that calories are not linear, in that if you cut say 500 a day for a year you WOULDN'T disappear :P

Running is exercise = work muscles
Diet = not work muscles but may work big guns for bicep curls for the beer or the mouth for eating.

You won't see many guys that are muscular and are in shape from dieting alone. This tends to be what most women imo go for. But then they are not looking to be muscular.