Diken Ciders Family Grows

 by one more.  7lbs 9zo healthy baby girl.  Haven't changed diapers in 11 years, this is gonna suck.  I must've done bad things to girls when I was younger cause now I got 3.  Anyway time to get some sleep been up all night

Congrats man. No time for sleep. 3 girls = training harder for when the boys come around.

Congrats!!! And let Cod be with you when prom season comes along!


One two punch:  Diken Cider and his blue belt wife? 

Game over high school boys. . .

Congrats brutha on the new addition to the family!

congrats man good news

go team!

this is what you get for "putting Diken Cider"


congrats, i guess we won't be seeing you on saturdays anymore.

 I'm guessing you will see more of her trainig then me =(.  Now its my turn to suffer lol.  I'll try to make it to practices at the academys as much as I can


Congrats brother.

Congrats bro!

i'll plan to see you again in what, let say 2 yrs or so?

BTW, start buying more bullets. Ha!

Start telling her about the bad Micros early.

I'll try to send as many home as I can.

for the keikis.



My wife is ready to pop anytime now also, so I know how you feel!

 congratz DC

 kapiolani has turned into a real shithole since I've last been here 11 years ago. Got doubled up in a room with another local couple because all the single rooms where full. Meanwhile I'm counting at least 5 single rooms occupied by micros. Wife got pissed when I started telling the nurses wtf is going on. We got dual coverage med insurance and we gotta share a room but the micros who are probably on the government cheese get single rooms? This was after being patient about asking them when they where gonna move is to a single. The wife is more pissed off at me for talking loud about micros. Byw I'm typing this while sitting on the ground because there's no room for chairs in here. I'm about ready to kidnap my own child and blow this shithole. I'm done with kapiolani. Next baby I'm going back to queens. They even did away with the steak and lobster dinner. The hate wasn't this strong in me before but all I can say now is say hello to Darth Diken.

its because if they consolidate the Micronesians theyll start to build camps and form drunken war tribes.


i think the chef has lost all passion for cooking.

congrats...my wife and I toured both Queen's and Kapiolani maternity wards before our son was born. We decided on Queen's after seeing the size of their rooms, and cleanliness of the entire facility. After reading your posts, I'm glad we chose Queen's for both my son and daughter. I wish you well.