Dirty antics during rolling

There is this new guy in our school and he likes to pull shirts, hair, and eye gouge. What do you guys suggest to do with this big prick?

 Kick his ass.

We had a guy like this at my gym. I actually liked rolling with him. Kinda fun from time to time.

Thanks yeah I hate dealing with dirty/cheap people like that in the dojo. I'll give him a taste of his own medicine next time and if he wants to continue escalating then we can. I'm so pissed my eye still hurts from him poking me in the eye last night.

Inform your instructor. Point him to wherever the sign is stating the gym's mat etiquette. Tell him what's cool/not cool before rolling. Tap the moment he violates etiquette and find yourself a new partner and/or sit out until the instructor handles it the next round.

Eye-gouging aside, rough rolling is acceptable in the right environments(ie: gyms that allow it) and whenever both partners consent. As that's not usually the case in most judo/bjj gyms I've trained (especially gi-only), tolerating(much less being) the guy who randomly decides to drop elbows and knees on your face or crank some funky submission is not cool or necessary.

Teach him some manners.

Explain to him the difference between training and fighting. If he doesn't get it or can't control himself after that then stop training with him. The last thing you want to do is provide any opportunities for someone with these issues to get better.

We have a guy like that at our academy. Except he is a purple belt and also loves to kick you in the head when you're about to pass his guard. A bunch of the higher-level blues, purples, and browns won't even roll with him.

Thanks guys, I think he's doing it w/intent.

Counter with a chin in eye. Especially with a good 5 o'clock shadow going.

Ninja mon - There is this new guy in our school and he likes to pull shirts, hair, and eye gouge. What do you guys suggest to do with this big prick?

If you eye gouge me while we're rolling I would probably punch you in the face.

^ +1

But the "eye gouging" could be just some exaggeration. I've seen people use palm to the forehead or chin like the "shave" Kurt Osiander shows in his tech vids. Sometimes those can miss and might get a little tap on the eye. All that other stuff is great, if they do it, it gives me a chance to work on that stuff too without worrying about them complaining about it later.

Complain on the Internet to make it stop. Phone Post

was that guy before but after going to a real bjj school for 4-5 years made me settle down play by the rules and realize those are dick moves.

I just pride myself on being a good training partner that doesn't spaz out, is dirty, or has an ego. It's just that I haven't rolled with someone that cheap for a while. Thanks for your replies!

Had a guy like this in my gym. He would grab your throat and ssqeeze with his hands, base his hand on your throat to stand up, grab ears, cross face as hard as he could, came close to eye gouging a few times on me. this was in a BJJ class and he would try to jam me up against the cage (had a half cage next to the mat) and just do anything he could to beat you even though we were only training. It was actaully pretty fun. I was able to maintain composure, get position, and without using any dirty tricks tap him. Sure my head had lumps all over it from him humping me into the cage but it was tons of fun. Also this guy was a boxer with a winning record and an MMA fighter so it felt good to tap him espescially with him acting up like that.

he doesn't train at my gym anymore but I see him from time to time at fights and events. nice enough guy, he just trains, and I am guessing fights, dirty as all hell.

Call him on it as soon as it happens. If he's not embarrassed by you doing this and people hearing it's time to unleash the knee on belly punishment every time you roll with him.

bite him

yall need some enforcers.

Enforcers are a must

Intentionally eye gouging someone is fucked.

I had a krav maga guy try and pull my clavicle out while rolling once, he got can opened. Think I reverse triangled him and farted too another time after he did something silly.