Discal Hernia

Hi, I have a discal hernia L4 and L5. It's not for surgery and I´ve finishedd my rehab (Physioteraphy, RPG and Pilates). I want to now if bodyweight excersise like Dands and Hindu Squars are a good starting option. I also have kettlebells (8kg, 16kg and 24kg) but I'n not sure of weights.
Thanks in advance, and sorry for my poor english.

What did your physiotherapist say? If they said anything, follow their advice because they know more about you and your specific injury. As a general rule, make sure you work on specific core strengthening before you do much lifting. Your pilates may have qualified for core strengthening. Be careful of flexion activities (bending forward) as this may further herniate the disc if you haven't fully recovered with rehab/exercise.

I have an prolapsed L4. The MRI clearly shows this...

I was out for 9months with no vertical pressure on my spine. I saw a chiro (yeah crazy ahey but I was F0CKING DESPERATE and willing to do ANYTHING) and the chiro I saw was good.

Start LIGHT and build up mate is all I can offer. I didn't do surgery as my coach has heard of no lifter going to lift equal PB weights let alone more after back surgery. I didn't want to chance it.

I did have a ridiculous weekend where my back got A LOT better then I started with the bar and started to increase by 5kg each week. PB'd at my first 10months after my injury mate.

This was just for me. I'm not sure how badly you are but the pain was ridiculous and I guess I got VERY lucky.

All the best mate.
Koing (I Olympic lift competitively)