Do knee problems ever go away?

I've never had knee problems all my life, only until recently when I started playing volleyball again. Ever since I'm noticing irritation right below my knee caps and even for a few days after playing volleyball.

I'm in my early 30's but never thought I would end up like those guys you see that need to wear a knee brace when doing any physical activity. I'm hoping this is just a phase that will eventually go away. The sad part is that I only play once a week too so its not like I'm overtraining it :(

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I do see a Health & Medical forum could someone possibly move it there for me? Thanks.

Thanks, I'm also finding that it helps to exercise lightly on my "injured" muscles. I also have a rotator cuff problem and have been working light exercises on my shoulder and slowly its getting better. Hopefully the knee problems will eventually go away if I don't put too much stress on them.

spend atleast 10-15 warming up before any major exertion