Do u separate chest & delt workout

I think I need a new routine or something.

Delt workouts interfere with my progress on the bench, maybe vice versa...

How far apart do YOU train those two areas?

I don't separate. Nor do I have body part work outs weekly and such.

3x OL work out sa week
1x Gymnastics

I do bench press, wide grip pull ups, dips, laying on the floor flys and over head pressing when lying on the floor.

I do those lifts in a circuit on the same day a week every week.

Bench press = Weds
Wide Grip Pull ups = Mon
Dips = Sat or any other day or after bench
Floor flys and over head press from floor = Wed or any other day with some free time

Works for me. I see quite big gains every 4-6 weeks in those lifts.

But when I do wide grip pul ups, dips then bench my bench is wrecked but in the end you are still lifting hard and that is what counts. The intensity at the end of the day. Not how much you actually lift, unless you compete in Bench press, but even then I'd still think once every so often to do it at the end and lift less but just as intense if not more is a good mix up.