do you brush and floss regularly?

minimum of twice a day for me.

upon awakening and before bed.

some days i get 4-5 sessions in.

i also use antiseptic mouthwash.

my teeth and gums love me!!!!

smiles broadly

4-5 sessions = bad for your enamel. You will ironically have severe tooth loss.

Brush twice, try to floss everyday but miss a few.

I brush twice a day, need to floss more often though

floss 2x min, brush 2-3x

I brush almost every day.

brush 2x, floss 1x


toof loss?

brush, floss, listerine x 1

I do well w/brushing but I stopped flossing for some reason. I flossed for the first time in months two nights ago and blood was everywhere. I looked like I had been in a fight.


just keep at it, the bleedin will stop after like a week

brush 2x usually, sometimes more, mouthwash i dont really bother with unless im gonna be gettin some

also i chew alot of sugarfree gum

never had a cavity

brush & floss x2 everyday sir ,for some strange reason i have nice teeth . had a pretty tough upbrining & tougher than average adult life (im 43 this year). im a short guy with a pretty bad temper but i never lost a tooth (yet) got a tiny chip on my fronttooth can hardly see it, a fucking staff bullterrier done it trying to bite my face when i was quite young & fighting with its owner.had lots of splitlips n stuff but god likes me & saved my teeth ( plus i always always hit first & think later,,,, its guud fur yu teef

Not flossing is how you lose teeth.

Brushing = prevents cavities

Flossing = prevents gum disease, which is why people lose teeth

Flossing works by disturbing bacterial colonies between the tooth and the gum. These colonies (if unflossed) cause an immune system reaction that eventually results in tooth loss. If your gums bleed when you floss, that means you aren't flossing enough.

You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep, that's the saying.

If were on deserted island and could only bring floss or a toothbrush and paste, choose the floss.

And for those of you freaks who dont floss regularly, i bet you have some serious dragon breath.

I dare you to go floss and smell that shit when you are done.

Fuckin animals some of you are

smells floss

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmminty fresh!

brush twice a day. But floss only a few times a week. I actually am trying to remember to do it more often

floss everyday and use an electric toothbrush and dentist visits are fast and painless

I brush every day I just can't get into flossing though so that's maybe 1-2x a week

So basically I'm the only dork who doesn't take care of his teeth/gums?