Does Colby have a choice but to accept Khamzat match?

Disregarding Khamzat, Colby already came to realization that at least for now, best bet is vying for money fights but having a tough time getting them and some fighters calling to boycott him.

Now put Khamzat back in the equation. UFC wants Colby fighting Khamzat. If he turns them down, his standing with UFC and options will be even worse than currently.

No to mention, if he really wants another fight with Usman, Khamzat is shortest and maybe only path to getting that fight.

Seems to me like Colby has no choice-either accept the fight or you’re heading towards being a gate keeper.


Colby by whatever he wants.

He could offer to drop charges on Jorge in exchange for a rematch.

Dont forget luque and belal fight this weekend. Winner of that could have a strong argument for a title eliminator with colby or khazamat.

Luque is 4-0 with 4 finishes in the last 4.

Belal is 6-0-1 leading into this. Though he was grtting beat by leon before the eye poke if i recall correctly.

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Why would he say no? That’s a big money fight. And if he won he’d get another title shot

How does he not call for a rematch with Masvidal. For one thing, it’s extremely marketable after what happened. It’s also good for his image and makes him look less weak for calling the cops and wanting Masvidal arrested for hitting him, and on top of all that it’s a very winnable fight for him. Chamaev is a harder fight with little benefit if he wins.

Because he dominated 24:59 of that 25 minute fight. He took 1 second off to take a quick knee for first responders. What a fucking guy he is :us:

I seriously can’t be the only one who wants to see Colby vs Dustin? I find it hard to believe. That fight is a serious grudge match and would sell tickets. Those press conferences would be hilarious

Dustin literally said he’s moving up to 170. He doesn’t want to cut weight anymore. So it’s perfect…


He did Masvidal a favor by letting him step in the octagon with him the first time. A second time would be cowardly. No challenge vs. greater challenge (Khamzat can be considered a legacy fight coz of all the hype and his potential) and another shot at title.


no he wouldnt…

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Has anybody seen or heard from Colby since he got bitch-smacked, or is he still hiding under his bed crying?


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I hate it for both of them, huge chance kamzhat is derailed and a win doesn’t get Colby a 3rd shot. Rather see Borz fight Luque/Mo winner and Colby fight Dustin for the inaugural 165 title.


I like both fighters so I’d rather not see it too. But as a fight fan it’s a great matchup

I don’t get why people don’t think a win would give Colby another shot?

He beat the piss out of Masvidal. He would then have derailed the hype train that is Khamzat who is now the number 2 ranked WW in the world. And even though he lost both fights with Usman, both fights were close

I’d say that’s enough to warrant a third fight

I like khamzat but I do feel like he has a bit of thanking kabeeb for his rise.

The accents are similar and their English is broken the same. So right away I was thinking he was as good as him or very good friends . Nope.

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The issue here is money, not the opponent. Colby is in a great spot, coming off a big win headlining a PPV. He’s due for a big payday…and if the UFC is doing an event on ABC that they want him to headline, he’s in great position to negotiate. It’s not PPV, so there’s no PPV bonus he can ask for…but it’s going to be a huge event for the UFC, and if they want him to headline the show against the #2 ranked guy, he’s in a great position.

I love how people act like Colby wants to avoid this fight. People let his persona cloud their judgement and assume he’s scared or something. He’s one of the most gritty competitors in the division and loves the tough fights. He always has.


I can’t see how the ufc would trust Colby to not push abc away. I hope it works out.

How old are these two?

Colby is 34, Khamzat is 27

because in the past few years Colby has only fought guys coming off 2 losses and Usman. He beat the guys coming off 2 losses and lost handidly to Usman both times. So its fare to say that Colby hasnt beaten a guy coming off a win in years. And he failed twice spectacularly against Usman. Once Usman broke his face and the second time Usman beat the gimmick out of Colby that he was saying immediately after that “its all love”