Does gi training help for no-gi?

If you never plan on competing with a gi, and you have an opportunity to train privates with a BJJ legend, would you start from the beginning of his system with a gi or ask him to only focus on no-gi.

If you believe that gi training helps for no-gi, can you please explain why.

Walk up to him, no gi, and punch him in the face. Take things from there.



I wouldn't be the no-gi grappler I am if it weren't for starting with the
gi. Just a personal opinion.

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Yeah Dude you'll Be able to tell How much tighter you are in the No-Gi situation cause with the Gi you have more Handles to grab So in transtion to No Gi you'll use the Wrists tri's and legs for control it really changed me from a wrestler to a Jiu-Jitsu Player.


The short answer is definitaly yes, but you will get some long replies that will tell you not necessarily.

I agree with JD; I think it helps alot. I actually have more fun grappling w/gi, but I know that is not a very popular opinion on the UG.

Since I started training with the gi I feel my no-gi game has greatly improved

To this day I cant understand how people think that GI training doesnt help there no Gi game

If those people only knew how much better they'd be....


I did no gi for years and it wasnt until I started doing gi that my technique shot up. Just make sure to regularily do no gi so you dont become dependant on the gi.

yadda, yadda, yadda... no gi rules.

It varies from one person to another.

I've rolled with a couple of black belts no gi who train with the gi 95% of the time and they were phenomenal going freestyle. I've rolled with some who were less comfy without it and it showed.

Leo Viera said he never took the gi off in his life until a month before the ADCC event and he's done well. You can debate whether he would have been better or worse off in ADCC if he took it off even sooner than that.

I at least think the gi is good in your first couple of years of training. It makes you think more.

if you want to fly a plane do you take water skiing lessons?

Only if I can water ski wearing my gi.

" if you want to fly a plane do you take water skiing lessons?"


Someone's been drinking the coolaid.

If you want to play wide receiver, do you join the track team? You don't have to, but it helps.


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why not just train which ever you enjoy more?

If you're going to just do privates though, I wouldn't put the gi on. Assuming your this black belt is a good teacher, you will get so much more attention in the private you will be able to work out the kinks of the no gi game. One thing I've done, is when learning a move, ask the teacher what changes need to be made in order to make it work without the gi.

nope, though you should train in what you like to do. One of the main benefits of the gi however is that the game is forced to be slowed down, alot of no gi guys aren't as disciplined to break down stuff and slow their shit up like say Eddie Bravo or Chris Brennan. Thats one of the main reasons why some guys games go up after they put on a gi, they have to go slower (though if their instructor made them go as slow no gi then they would be just as technical as without the gi).

Still, it depends on who is teaching you and what your mindset is when training (ie will you take it slow and try to feel your way through stuff without the gi, or will you just use power and sweat to work your way out of situations?