Donate Toys 4 Sick Kids 4 XMAS

Obviously most people here know I am a sponsor of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital(

I am looking to work with the UG and fellow martial artists around the World to do something special for the children of St. Judes and I came up with a good idea.

How about we as a MMA community send toys, puzzles, games, books, coloring books, crayons, etc to the hospital for the children for Christmas? I think it would mean a lot to them. I called the hospital and asked about teddy bears, and they said no because the bacteria on the clothing or on the bears can harm the children from the cloth.

Is anybody interested in this? They can be send to my home and I will send the huge box to the hospital from or how should we make this work? Any ideas? lets start talking and make this happen! Thanks for your time guys/gals!

I will have my home address at the bottom if you feel comfortable sending them to me, and then I will send them all to the hospital saying from the Mixed Martial Arts Community. If you dont feel comfortable sending them to me, because you dont know me then I will list the St. Judes Hospital address at the bottom as well and you can just send them there. Thanks for your time.

Robert E Mrotek Jr.

104 Est 5th St.

Kaukauna,WI 54130


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

332 N. Lauderdale

Memphis, TN 38105




I'll ttt ya, Robert.

I do my own thing through Sacred Heart here in San Jose. You do good stuff, keep it up. ;)


Ive got my thing for the deployed and wounded soldiers..but I support all good TTT

the soliders are important too. I am working with my university in getting things sent to our soldiers



Hit Me Up

great idea

any little bit helps.....there are 200-225 children in the hospital...any new toys, coloring books, puzzles, games will help as great gifts from our community





I have an interest in helping your cause out, however, before I do, I would like for you to post your tax exempt certificate so that I can see that you are legit. In the past you have asked individuals to not only donate their time, but their resources as well, and before I do, I want to make sure that you are not pocketing any of the money in a hard sense, or from a tax sense.

Please do not take my request personal, but for all I know, you are claiming these donations on your tax return as if you are donating every cent of the money. I like to be well informed of where my money goes.


Danzan- shoot me an email at

just went out and bought 36 toys including coloring books, crayons, markers, match box cars, little tiny toys, and puzzles for only $54.00! Every little bit helps