Dong Hyun Kim smashing watermelons for Woodley (vi

and chicken.

Dong Smash!! Phone Post 3.0

Will there be one where he punches a welfare check?

In before everyone calls it "racist"

I didn't know DHK is such a racist, damn. Phone Post 3.0

Rofl war stun gun!!! Phone Post 3.0

And it just says get your 11th win in a refreshing way Phone Post 3.0

Das racist.gif? Lol Phone Post 3.0

And whack-a-mole. So racist guys. 



Anyone who thinks this was intentionally "racist" is just looking to be offended. I highly doubt DHK's opponent was in mind whenever these commercials were produced. But of course, the MMA media is crying RACISM:


priziesthorse - Hes fucking korean. These stereotypes dont exist outside the USA.

Korean's are some of the most racist people in the world. Have you ever visited a foreign country before? The racial stereotypes are even more prevalent.

The guys that will be saying it's racist, are the faggots making it racist. Lol Phone Post 3.0

That is not racist in the slightest. Some people just want to stir the pot. Anyway, here are a few other random items Dong Hyun Kim can smash for UFC ads.

Other random items Kim can smash for UFC ads:

Dong splittin them big melons

Woodley gonna KO this cat

djones - Woodley gonna KO this cat
Naw sun, Woodley gettin wurlstarred Phone Post 3.0

Not going to believe DHK is racist until he steals someone's bike.

Card -
I just laughed out loud, literally.

Why do adds like these only run in the Asian markets?

I'd much rather see 20 seconds of T.J Dildoclaw fighting a spiraled ham, than the same cookie cutter, "insert event name here", commercials, with recycled audio. Phone Post 3.0