Double underhooks

Hey Chip and anyone else with helpfull info
i am having allot of trouble with my double underhooks. i feel i can get a good deep single underhook, but when it comes to doubles as i am pumelling my second underhook through my opponent always clamps down really hard trying to overhook, and i like em high and deep. i am 6 foot 5 and all of my training partners are shorter than me, i make a big effort to try to get and keep my shoulders below theirs and do a decent job of it while clinching and pumelling, but i have a feeling that when going for the second underhook i might be straitening up and raising my shoulder level. i saw in a good saved thread that you personally dont like double underhooks, but i really wanto try to get this down before i decide if it suits my game or not. in the same saved thread noshame said that he aims dor double underhooks at about mid level on their body, what are the benefits of this and also could you please explain off a few basic takedowns from that type of double underhooks. i am wrestling specifically for MMA if that changes anything....thanks for any helpfull advice anyone can give as this has been shitting me to death!:).......Denis


First thing is: Are double underhooks the proper tactic for the moment? Perhaps there are other ties that you should get instead of the doubles. Shouldn't force it.

Secondly, you could try change your timing on getting the doubles. For example, shoot for both at once.

Third idea: Set him up. You could press his forearm up and high as he is swimming in. In other words, underhook his forearm as it is coming in. Pin it against his side.

You could always bait the overhook and go for a higher tie.

Fourth: Where's your head?

Fifth: If his overhook is tight, there are plenty of counters. See my response on the "Wizzer counters" thread.

Sixth: Are you off-balancing him just before the second underhook?

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i feel pretty safe once i do get deep doubles
"You could always bait the overhook and go for a higher tie" could you explain this to me? ttt for more good info


Higher tie, meaning go for his head. You could get a pinch headlock as well, lot of goodies from the pinch.

You may even get a slide-by if you can pin his arm to his side as he's coming in. Maybe.

Have you tryed a throw-by the second you get the other under hook in?

Best of luck, bro.

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its not that i can't get it, its just as i'm going in the overhook hard before i can really penetrate.


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Hmmmm, there's a lot here... it would be great to get Todd's input here as he is the resident greco guru.

First let me say that in the saved thread when I mentioned that I don't like double unders - I'm only saying that I, personally, have never been very good with them - but they are great for some people. I wasn't knocking the technique itself by any means.

OK - first, if you're in an over-under and want to get double unders, probably the simplest thing to do is snap them quickly with a pulling motion on your underhook side (and move your feet too!) this will pull them away from your overhook side, and usually that arm will float up, creating some space to jam in an underhook on that side. Pretty simple, reasonably effective.

As far as why noshame said he aims mid-body, I can't speak for him, but I suspect he was talking about one of two things:

1. Perhaps he was just saying that's how he "enters" into a double under, because it's hard for his opponent to clamp down with his upper arms to block off the double unders. Then, once he's got the double unders, he can go for a bodylock, or jack him up (bringing his double unders high into the guy's armpits), or whatever.


2. He was saying that once he has double unders, he likes to keep them relatively low (mid torso) in order to control his hips. You can control someone there by either jacking them up and stretching them out to pull them out of position (since you're tall, this might be a good tactic), or you can keep them low in order to have more control over their hips and center of gravity, and maybe go for a body lock or whatever.

I would feel more comfortable with Jerry (noshame) explaining it himself, but one or both of the above is my guess as to what he was probably referring to.

Hope that helps at least a little...

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