Dragon Flags

Where I used to train I had a good bench for doing the Flags.

If anyone here does Flags, what do you use to hold on to?

I am trying to improvise something and need a little input.


I have a wooden plank with small "feet" nailed under it

Awesome exercise!

I'm lucky in that I go to a Gymnastics club and they have bars a sort of climbing frame thing along the wall.  I just use those bars like so:


At the OL club we have bars on the wall to put the bench to do the incline sit ups.  I just have the bench on the floor and I grab on to the bar.  Works well.

How are you doing yours androushka?  I'm not picturing it?  My mate would be able to do this if anyone has an idea!


these are the things rocky does in rocky 4 when he's in russia, correct?

The way he does it is his shoulders and very upper back only seem to touch.... insane.

You what C-Hamzeh?

Anyone got a clip of this?  I'm not understanding what you wrote down.

So he was doing what I was doing and getting his body to go down and to come back up again and for reps?!  If so thats dam amazing.