DRM=No More Recording PPV Events

For the third straight UFC PPV that I have BOUGHT and PAID for, I was unable to record the event. After much research, I have found that those days are long gone.

All UFC PPV events are protected under DRM (Digital Rights Management)

I personally don't mind paying $50, $75 or even $100 for a live event with a decent fight card, however I have ALWAYS taped it and put it in my fight collection for future reference. It's just something that I've been doing since 1993......

I hear that Dana White is DIRECTLY responable for this. And if he is, well thats just fine......no probem. The UFC might be a multi billion dollar company one day soon, and thats OK too........

But they'll damn well do it WITHOUT my little $40 a month.

I've bought my LAST UFC.

I've bought my LAST UFC.


Only because dana got smart and wants to seel his own dvds on his website. I feel your pain but they are just protecting the copyright.

well  get a vcr

lol Why do I get the feeling that thread starter began his post teary-eyed and by now he's buried his face in his pillow while beating it (the pillow, that is - giggity giggity)?

How does DRM actually work ?

Dont know what you are talking about. Mine recorded just fine. Oh yeah, its on DVD already too.

"Only because dana got smart and wants to seel his own dvds on his website. I feel your pain but they are just protecting the copyright."

***Protecting his gold nothing else.

UFC has been growing just fine without stunts like this........."Mr Greedy" in action if you ask me...

Mine is on DVD right now. Not sure what kind of dvd recorder you have but if you get a capture card for your pc and record it straight to your hard drive and burn it on dvd. Trust me, it's pretty easy.

Ha ha! Smokin' Cock pushed the wrong buttons on his VCR and is now blaming Dana.

Mine recorded fine as well - using Tivo.

Sorry Dana

recorded with no problem onto my dvr...in the process of buring onto a dvd right now

Every DVD Recorder has an internal code and they get a "read" on this WHILE you record a protected event. This task may take a few times, to get what they need

(hense, you are NOT recording DRM events 24/7)

But they WILL get a read on your set up sooner or later, and when they do.......

you will NOT be recording the UFC PPV anymore.

i taped it

I taped it and recorded it on DVR without a problem. :) Sorry, man.

Sounds like he just sucks at DVD'ing.

Tivo works just fine. Transferring to DVD has not been a problem either.

Use a streamrecorder to record the Licenced PPV stream (which you have a valid licence for if you paid). Then use one of the MANY tools on the net to 'make the content more usable'. Sorry, I'm not giving specifics because of that idiocy that the USA calls the DMCA and the policy my Gov calls the USFTA.

Got it on directv dvr right now. No probs.

free it up 'Dana' you bloodclott..............