Dustin Hazelett Promoted to Black Belt

Congratulations to Dustin Hazelett who received his Black Belt from Jorge Gurgel last night at JG MMA Academy. Dustin is Jorges 4th Blackbelt.

Dustin is only 22 and received his blackbelt in just under 6 years.

We look forward to seeing great things out of this man!

For more info visit news.ohiomma.com

Congratulations to John Meyer and Dan Doerner who also received their Brown Belts.

And Taylor Ruscin, Matt Dunlap, and Justin Edwards who received Blue!

 Congrats Dustin.

CRE -  
Awesome set up


 TTT for everyone who tested!

Awesome, from what I've seen it is well deserved.

Big fan here.

Well Big Rob Your welcome to come train here anytime.

 Congrats McLovin!

Cole is a brown now... not a recently promoted purple belt. As well, Cole is far above the curve with his grappling, as most would agree. And the value of these guy's promotions shouldn't be lessened just because JG was tapped by a purple belt. These things happen all the time in MMA nowadays. Cole and Jorge are both awesome but this thread shouldn't be about that though, it's about the guys who have worked hard and gotten the reward for it.

Congrats to Dustin and everyone else on their promotions.

And, hope the knee surgery recovery is coming along nicely Cole. Get well soon.

BigRob1 - how big is it when the guy that promoted you to Black belt just got tapped by a newly promoted ATT Purple Belt ?

OH!? Gurgel's a blackbelt in MMA?  And Cole Miller is a newly promoted ATT brown belt.  Better luck next time troll.

Congrats to Hazlett, hope he shows off more of his ground arsenal against Tamden. 


Not that it matters, but isn't Cole brown now?

Plus, Gurgel is legit on the ground and nobody doubts that.

Plus, UCPugilist hits it on the head, MMA is a different game.

Plus, good purples are going to give a lot of blacks trouble anyway.

 Congratulations guys!

Congrats Jon! Promoters dream- great look-great fighter!

Congratulation, guys! I wish I could have made it out last night! I'm sure that gauntlet was rough!

 Congrats! I have been waiting a long time for this to happen. his jiu jitsu is sick

I thought I heard that He was training at Tai Kai in Syracuse now. Was I mistken or is he back at Gurgel's now?


 congrats....slick transition in his last fight.