DVDs for joint health

I'm looking to start training again, Judo BJJ, Muay Thai etc. after a 3 year layoff due to injuries.

I want to get a DVD with specific exercises to strenghen the joints and increase flexability. Something for the whole body with minimal equipment so I can avoid future injuries.
What are some of the better DVDs out there?



I recieved Scott Sonnens Intu Flow for christmas and have used it every single day since I got it. There are four levels of progression to it and it covers everything starting from your neck all the way down to your ankles. I really feel amazing after the workout and I have recommended it to damn near all of my friends.

Steve Maxwell has a dvd set as well but I have not seen it so can't really compare it to Intu Flow but I believe the price for both are similar. If you have any more specific questions I'd be happy to anwser.

I have Greg Mihovich's Amazing Mobility DVD. He gets right to the point, gives a lot of exercises and it has helped me out a lot.

Thanks for the responses guys. I have checked out all 3 DVDs mentioned and have a couple of questions.

Does the Greg Mihovich DVD have the exercises split up into basic, intermediate and advanced routines and how long are they? (20 - 30 minute routines would be ideal)

Does Scott Sonnen's Intu Flow exercises increase range of motion as well as strentghen joints?

again thanks

S.Mac yes, Intu Flow has helped me increase my range of motion everywhere. I have seen the most improvement in my shoulders and in my hips. I sit at a desk for 9 hours a day and as soon as I get home from work, I throw in the dvd and my hips seem to store the most tension and feel the most benifit. Each of the four levels are about 20 - 30 minutes.

Slayer, thanks for your input, I thiok I will get the Sonnen DVD as I have bad shoulders with only 85% range of motion.


ive got magnificent mobility on the way, ill let you know what its like when it gets here.

Steve -

Let us know how things go. I use Intu-Flow with all of my training clients and it's been phenomenal for improving pain-free ROM. If you have any questions about the material, feel free to contact me.

Jason Erickson

Gonig to order it tonight. Thanks for the input guys

I just got Steve Maxwells new DVD set about joint mobility and it´s great. 3,5 hours of instruction for 49$ and tons of moves for every joint.

Take care

Maxwell, Pavel, and Sonnons Joint mobility is great

Has anyone seen Sonnon's prasara yoga?  How would that compare to the Intuit stuff?  I really want to work on flexibility for grappling (guard work) and muay thai (kicking height).