Eating Rice

I am currently trying to lose weight, and in an effort to cut calories I was wondering if rice would be a good to eat. I know it has a lot of carbs, but with no fat it seems like it may be a good thing to eat. For instance, this morning I fixed one serving of rice and mixed with three eggs (2 whites/1 whole) with a little bit of salt and a lot of pepper. Would this be okay? Thanks for the help.

Neither carbs nor fat are evil. You're more likely to stick with a nutritional plan that you enjoy. The best workout routine is the one you actually follow.

Very true todd. My problem is that the stuff I really enjoy (e.g. sausage, bacon, other greasy, fat stuff) is the stuff that is bad for me. I'm trying to find something that I find tasteful but at the same time is still healthy. I like oatmeal as well, but I have a hard time eating it without milk, butter, and sugar.

What's wrong with bacon and sausage? Just eat smaller portions of the "unhealthy" foods, include a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit and make sure you get some physical activity.

Unless, of course, you have some sort of medical condition. In that case you should listen to your doctor.

Yeah, I guess moderation is the main thing (hey it'll make the bacon and sausage last longer too!). What kind of fruit would you suggest with the oatmeal. I tried a plain bowl of oatmeal mixed with peaches once and was very disappointed in the taste. As fas as physical activity goes, I've been hitting the gym about 4X a week since I decided to get off my ass and do something.

Just keep you total calories at the right level and make sure you get enough protein every day.

Add in some Taku's intervals and you will lose weight.

Strawberries and/or blueberries blend nicely with oatmeal. For extra calorie burning, you can go for a walk on the days you aren't in the gym.

Great, I just bought some strawberries yesterday. I'll have to try it. I know fruits are generally good for you, but is there a limit to how much should eat. For example, I love oranges but I don't know if the natural sugar in them is good or not for me. Thanks.


What are Taku's intervals?


sd, I'm like you, just starting to try and get my lazy ass in shape. I'll bump the thread where I asked about nutrition, everyone here gave some good suggestions

Below is a link to Taku's interval training, I've been doing them and holy shit they kick your ass. Sorry, I suck at interwebs so no clicky link

Why eat rice?

Oh no...this looks oddly familiar.

TAKU<----------misses the days of the "RICE WARS" of 06.

there are various type of rices, but in general rice is very nutirious

Coach Hale

" For example, I love oranges but I don't know if the natural sugar in them is good or not for me"

Nobody ever got fat from eating an orange. Just stay active and avoid constant overeating and you will lose weight.

I eat 4 oranges every day and have lost 40lbs in the last 15 weeks...

I don't eat very much rice. If I do, it is no more than 1 cup cooked per day. That's only when I eat Taco rice. Yummy!

"2.) Cook 3 cups rice (precooked weight)"

Precooked volume IMO.


LOL @ Jonathan (even if that would work I wouldn't do it)
Thanks for all of the info and suggestions.

Why Rice, you asked? No reason in particular, I was just looking for an alternative to the things I normally like to eat with my eggs. I figure rice and eggs is better than flour tortillas and eggs. I'm starting your intervals tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Taku was referring to the Great Rice Wars of 06 that nearly tore this forum asunder.

Kimura ate a ton of rice.

For the sake of the health of this forum, i'll not rekindle the flames of wars past. :-D

Yeah the rice wars were tough on everybody.


Quinoa is a great alternative to rice.
It's more nutritious and is high in protein. I live on the stuff.