Eilers vs Arlovski official

MMA Weekly is reporting that it is official.
Ricco R could not get a training camp together
and every other choice either turned down the opportunity or was injured.

The Heavyweight division is really lacking at this time.They really really need to start bringing some guys in.

Bring Barnett back even Kimo hell even Rizzo.

Considering Eilers just lost by KO this is a joke.
Arlovski is gonna tool Eilers bad

Damn. Just when we all thought the UFC was on the right track.

it won't hurt anything to have a HW champ add a KO to his highlight real. Joe Louis, arguably the best HW champ boxing ever had, used to fight a "bum of the month" and KO some hopeless opponent like 6 times a year, just for something to do. its not that big a deal

JH-I don't think Eilers is a bum he is just a raw fighter and needs some more experience/training to compete at the upper level.

You never know he has heavy hands maybe he will get a KO but i doubt it.

Should be a entertaining fight and actually even though i wanted Ricco to fight Arlovski and deserves more.It will probably be a more entertaining fight than that would be

This is a disappointment. But, Arlovski needs a fight.

Arlovski better win now. His rep alone won't beat Eilers.

yeah i wasn't saying Eilers was a bum, just saying its fine to let the champ beat a lesser fighter once in awhile

Jeesh-- I give UFC credit where credit is due--

But this is one of the worst matchups in HWT title history.

This fight wouldnt get me excited if it was a prelim fight on the undercard.

What has Eilers done to deserve this?

This fight is a joke...

UFC just went Pride on us.

Can't wait for all the Pride cheerleaders to feast on this, while expertly sidestepping the 20 tomato cans Silva has fought since 2000.

Is Eilers worse than fuckin' Iwasaki, the point karate champion Silva fought in 2002?

It does suck, though, and it's BAD timing. The UFC needs to keep momentum going, not stall.

it should be a non-title match

Don't get me wrong... I like Eilers, I just don't think this is a "good fight." I also don't believe that there are many people turning down a title shot that is two months away...

that is pretty silly for a fighter who just got KO'd to get a title shot

Hey, someones got to fight!

I agree with Laidlaw.

when silva fights a can at it's a draw for the jap. crowd.. and we get to see a beating not a 30 sec stoppage

it's not like we're talking about that short of notice here - whoever fights has about 7 weeks to train for the fight

One more time........


Joking right?