Elephant in the Room: Dana, Conor, GSP, Jones, most fighters and fans still talk about 1 guy

And Khabib is not saying shit.

Why is this?

Khabib’s aura is going to have a long tail like Iron Mike you can just feel it… only the GOAT version.





it really is about time you stop being such a fagot.


Aren’t you tired of getting slapped around by me, Stanley?


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How stupid is this? Why don’t I post every black guy in the UFC and how many titles they have between them. The only champs so far on that list are Khabib and Islam who have 7 title defences between them in a division where the fighters weigh more than women.

Also DJ fights in a bum league and has 4 losses :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016

Okay… Jon jones

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In a sea of black fighters in the UFC they have very few titles per capita… this meme has most of the UFC fighters from the Caucasus and several of them are still young and will soon have titles.

Youre comparing a very tight demographic to a very wide one. Not really a fair comparison.

Which makes it all the more impressive for the Caucasus fighters.

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I mean you can do the same for Africa or England. Both have produced more UFC Champs than the Dagis.

Khabib was very good, Islam is awesome. But he can only stay at the top so long. Khabib was aware of this and left, I think Islam is a bit more of a risk taker.

As an example, there was no way Khabib was passing DJs record.

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The debate is redundant as Khabib only made 3 defences and never fulfilled his potential legacy


The legacy continues through the other fighters Khabib is training, and how everyone including Jones, Dana, GSP ect. are all acting either salty or in reverence of him 4 years later.

Khabib is still the best without fulfilling his full legacy as a fighter. His aura of invincibility will loom over the sport forever.

Then after Islam there is Usman Nurmagomedov at LW, Umar at BW, Tagir at flyweight ect… and all the other future champs their gym is producing in Dagestan.

Dagestan has a minuscule fraction the population of Africa or England btw.

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Yes no doubt they have small regional population, and they are good wrestlers.

I just can’t have Khabib in a top 7 Goat list.

Had he defended 3 or 4 more times, and won, then we could talk about top 6 Goat, but it never happened

Yet they’re still all talking about Khabib Bucky Boy… Georges, Conor, Jon, even Dana can’t keep his name off his mouth.

His aura is only growing with time… when more of his students become champs world takeover is imminent.

Absolutely Umar and Usman are nasty. I really wish Usman would get into the UFC. But like anything, there are cycles and eventually the Dagis will get figured out and we will see a new style and region emerge to the top.

For now tho, lets enjoy this Islam run, he’s fun to watch and hilarious behind the scenes



Paddy subs Islam in the 2nd .

I know this sounds ridiculous but MMA is strange sometimes, trust me bro.

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