Elliptical trainers and Calories

This Xmas I bought a Life Fitness elliptical trainer for home use. I have noticed the calorie expended is less than the Life Fitness elliptical at the gym.
I am using the same level setting, same heart rate, and the same intesity when using both, but the calories used are 100's different.

Example, I did an hour at level 12 last night at the gym and burned 1100 calories. This morning before work I did 30 minutes at home and burned 330 calories.

That would only be 660 calories an hour. 440 calories less than the elliptical at the gym.


Wow, I'd kill to have an Elliptical... Nothing like running on it backward to kill my legs.

They just use different equations to get their numbers from. Shows how inaccurate they are most of the time. Do you have to enter your weight into either of them? Are they made by different companies?

Don't worry about those calories. They're always wrong.. everyone has a different body composition so theres no way it can even begin to estimate the right number. Everyone is different.

Just work hard and keep the diet clean.. thats all that is.

They are both made by Life Fitness and I do enter my weight into both.

I lost 20lbs a few years ago with no dieting (which I slowly gained back)using an Elliptical walker four times a week for an hour each time and a 4 mile run on Sundays.

This time around I am doing 20-30 minutes (Taku's Intervals) every morning before work (m-f). I'm lifting after work four times a week with cardio at the end. (either 15 min stair stepper, 15 min run/walk, 30 min elliptical or just an hour straight on the elliptical)

I cut out all soda, even diet soda. I eat a small bowl of Kashi for breakfast with a protein shake. A can of soup or an egg salad sandwich for lunch and a normal dinner. I don't eat after 7pm.

I hope to do better this time.