The Sherdog play-by-play says that Emerson was injured on a Maynard throw but that Maynard knocked himself out on the throw and the fight was ruled a no contest. WTF??? Does anyone know anything else about this fight.

I bet on bodog and it says no action for the bet so I guess it might be a no contest

emerson lost? sherdog reporting a no contest. any first hand reports?

sorry, I edited my post, I realized I was looking at the wrong fight.

No contest. I could be wrong, but Im guessing Robert stopped because of a rib injury. From what I heard, he had a seperated rib going into the fight.

guess we will see now

Maynard is a sick fighter. Dude's GNP is brutal.

Emerson with the ultimate DDT

what is this Rocky 2, both guys down and out,lol.

"Maynard is a sick fighter. Dude's GNP is brutal'

No doubt. He seems very relentless.

Emerson tapped.

it should be a NC

Emerson tapped while maynard KOed himself. Crazy.

NC imo.

EMerson tapped.......right when maynard KO'd himself. Therefore, maynard SHOULD get the win.

I've officially seen it all now

So who won? I saw during earlier that it was reported as a no contest and Emerson said Gray was out. So is it officially a win for Gray or is it a draw?

(edit) nevermind. Guess it's a draw. That's total BS!!!!!!

Agreed with mackz. Sucks for Emerson, but he tapped.

It almost looked like Emer ddt'd Grey