End of the Year Thanks

Dear Tribe,

Well, it's almost the end of '03 and I am waxing reflective again on the goods-and-bads, in's-and-outs, what worked and what didn't in training and what to shoot for next year.

'03 was and awesome year for me and I hope it was for you. I also hope that '04 is even better as we learn to get stronger, ask ourselves better questions and become better tacticians and all around people, leaving things better than when we found them.

I rarely post these days, but lurk around all the time and it would be wrong if I didn't take the time to personally thank those who make this forum great.

To Lee, as I age, I couldn't think of a better role model. Your training is inspirational and your guidance helps beyond what words can reflect.

To Wiggy, I can't think of a better friend. Your dedication to helping others through fitness is altruistic (without concern for your benefit and without expecting anything in return) and I learn something new almost every time I read something from you or talk to you.

To Nowaydo and Scrapper, many talk the talk, you actually walk it and share your insight along the way. You prove that the way to enlightenment through training is achieved by chopping wood and carrying water.

To Scott Sonnon, although you have your own forum, the times that I read you, you get better with every sentence. I WILL be buying a pair of 15's this year!!! I have got to start practicing CST!!!!!! It is a must!

To GrandpaB, Jonwell, Ryno, Vermonter, JRS, Geoff and Ali (G and A-Wherever you are!!!!!) I appreciate your camraderie and wish you the very best in your training this next year. You all have helped me refine my approach and become leaner, meaner, and stronger (If I don't say so myself, I'm starting to be one mean and strong bastard in my old age :) Thanks to you all!

I am sure that I have missed some and I apologize!

May the new year bless you deeply and help fulfill your capacity and potential.

Happy New Year!


Would like to thank Scrapper and all the other valuable contributors on this forum. Best wishes for 2004.

Thanks to you all for your help in 2003.

Ditto with extra kudos to Coach Sonnon and Scrapper.

Happy New Year!


Thanks to Taku, he knows why.



*Tim thumps forehead in I coulda hadda V-8 fashion*

Taku- without you my cardio would have never achieved the results that it has. Thank you!


Hey Chad and Tim thanks to you and all those who step up to the plate, walk their talk and really make my work worthwhile.

My best to you and all those others, lurkers and workers...Have a safe, and happy new years.



Thanks to all of you here- you guys (and gals!) keep me going more than you know.

Happy new year and may 2004 be filled with callouses, bleeding shins, heavy squats, and a continuation of this thing we call strength culture!


thanks to everyone for all their help

Yeah dude, Jonwell and Adam from Conn got me addicted to deadlifts, I went from not doing them at all to maxing at 350 to doing 345 for a triple (I haven't maxed in about 6 months)

Ryno gave me someone to pace myself against, I've finally met my 200 pound goal, and everyone pitched in to make sure I did it right, so I feel even more comfortable now than I did before instead of feeling bulky and cumbersome.

I'm still not super strong as far as weight room numbers go, but thanks to the advice and motivation from this forum I'm bigger and stronger than I ever realistically thought I would be.

HeangKoing, I'm working on those monkey flips man ;) That's some fun stuff, and people (esp. me) often underestimate how much flexibility and body awareness will help you in nearly every thing you do.

Scrapper, your advice on the HolyGround and your workouts here and your website have given me encouragement and something to do in Ravenden (there's no gym, or anything else here for that matter) besides drinking and smoking and fighting. Thanks a lot man.

But this is no Michael Jordan show here, there are a ton of John Paxons and Horace Grants who maybe only posted on my threads once, but I've gotten all kinds of advice from all kinds of people. Like I said, I'm bigger, stronger, faster, and tougher than I ever thought I would be when I was a 16 year old 6'4" 165 pound kid benching 85 lbs. a mere four years ago. Thanks everybody.

w00t, we rule.

Ditto to all the above. . .

Happy New Year!


Another ditto to all the above. You folks are always
an inspiration to me, thanks again.


Yeah thanks for everyone here making this a great forum.


Thanks for the thanks, and back atcha.

I forgot how I found this place, but I'm glad I did.. I've learned alot. Thanks to everyone who participates.. I don't want to try and list names because I know I'd forget tons.

Cool things coming this year.. more to come.