Okay guys... word just through... on next Thursday May 20's big show at the Melbourne Convention Centre, with Randy Couture watching and Bruce Buffer announcing, promoters Joe Cursio and John Donehue will make a "major announcement" of their "new signing" to the MMA realm... they have just signed up and are training the biggest professional athlete in Australasia... and I mean B I G !!!!!
He will be unveiled at the May 20 show... in fact, big is an understatement!

My guess is Shane Warne

When I mean BIG I mean physically BIG... huge.

that nathan someone guy who signed to the WWE for a while and was in jail is my guess

"that nathan someone guy who signed to the WWE for a while and was in jail is my guess"

Nathan Jones, last seen flogging Lipton tea on TV I think...


Big Kev?

Who else has seen Pride 1?!?!? :)


Big Dave

lol big kev

It wasn't worked he got his ass kicked by a SUMO!!

It was worked.

chcuk the big fucker in :D i would love to see him pushed as long as he can back it up.

I own the tape and as soon as the fight hits the ground Jones start's to freak out making pannic sounds and the "SUMO" slaps on a key lock and taps Jones' big ass out! WORK....hahahahahaha

Is Nathan Jones the guy who was in jail and was once on 60 minutes or something like that talking about his use of roids? Or have i totally got the wrong guy?

Sorry double post.


That's him. Also in a Penthouse article way back when (I only get them for the articles)

Full of gear, Australia's strongest man, did armed robs in QLD and Tasmania because the gear made him do it.

Used to snap handcuffs, pulled his cell door off the hinges at Boggo Road...

All that good stuff.

Personally, I think he is just misunderstood.

Of course, we don't know that it Nathan that they're tallking about.


So if he is the biggest professional athlete in Australia, what sport is he a pro at?

Wasn't he in the same jail as Bonello?

They could of had their 1st cage fight there, just lock the door and later let the guy oput who is still standing...hahaha

How big and heavy is this guy now and how old is he now? Saw the bit on 60mins about him but that must have been many years ago wasn't it?

a friend of mine was a prison guard in QLD and told me stories of nathan going nuts in prison a few times if he did not get his milk.

sorry forget my comments about the jail as i thought both were in NSW jail.

Don't think he was in jail with Bonello, from memory Jones did his time in Qld and maybe some in Tas.

Keats, you seem to be working on the "everyone who has ever been to jail, or been in any trouble must know each other" theory.

I don't subscribe to that theory myself. I'm a firm believer in the rehabilitative powers of our criminal justice system. I mean, look at me, I got in trouble once, and I have done everything in my power to ensure I have never been caught again. So far it's working :-)

As for the jail jokes coming from a boxing fan like you, talk about people in glass houses ! *cough* Waters family *cough*