Is there a safe way to do this? I did ECA stacks before but my creatine levels were at 2005 and I had to quit. Is there a way I can do this safely? Thanks

Don't take too much maybe? It's perfectly safe if you don't have a preexisting condition or abuse the shit out of it. Phone Post 3.0

I have neither a preexisting condition nor did I abuse it, could training to hard maybe have caused it?

You're creatine levels weren't at that level due to ephedrine. Anything we say is speculation without diagnostic labs/studies. Use it again, and if you have high creatinine or CK levels than you have some sort of underlying issue probably kidneys that are affected by ephedrine use. You're going to get 10 different answers from 10 different people. You are only going to listen to one, and that's the one you wanted to do in the first place was just take it. Phone Post 3.0

Could over drinking have caused it (alcohol)?

Alcohol can cause it, yes. Phone Post 3.0

I forgot that it could have been the excessive drinking and stacking.