Erik Apple the oil checker...


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Nothing wrong with trying to take your opponent's temperature with your finger.

Whatever it takes to get the win.

Poor Danny.

Lube is cheatin.


i guess whatever the outcome of the fight, he came out a winner... =)

Deliverance?!?! "GONNA MAKE YOU SQUEAL!!"


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That's bad for the sport. It's why College wrestling never took off as a spectator sport, and now here it is wiping a brown stain on our sport too.

i approve


CUO graced us with an appearance? this thread is special.

It looks like apple dominated that fight

Check out all the pics here

I dont know what was going on in the second pic. lol

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Apple I would love the chance to fight you...Just because you run your mouth and tell people I'm not on your level. I would be willing to fight you for free~!! I'd love to show Danny how to snap an arm when you have it extended.

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That is a great belt you have...but dont go around dogging on my wins...

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Enjoy the belt because War Machine, Ray Stienbiess, or myself will take it from you

Bum check!


lol He just thinks it's bowling night


Elbe vs Apple..?

Good stuff! Maybe ROF..?

that's just erik being erik...

Damn nice.

Apple is good peeps.