Exercise induced nausea?

I just recently started grappling again after a long lay off and some medical problems (I threw up until I tore a hole in my stomach and then I threw up blood). It's been over 2 months since that incident and I feel great so I thought I was ok to start again but I get sick to my stomach after rolling (it's mostly the level changes that do me in) and I'd really rather avoid throwing up. Any ideas on how to combat this without drugs or should I see a doctor first?

I think puking blood can be pretty damn serious, brother... Could be anything from reflux to an ulcer to cancer.  I'd definitely see a doc about it ASAP.

The blood puking incident was over 2 months ago and I did see a doctor about that, it was caused by a reaction to pain medication and I threw up until I tore a small hole in my stomach. It healed up and everything though and I've had zero problems for the last 2 months except for the nausea when rolling.

If you have been given a clean bill of health by the Docs then I would say you just lack a good level of GPP.

Get to it.