exercising in heat?

Do you burn more calories exercising outdoors in extreme heat? 93 °F / 34 °C and higher.

Jogging, sprinting, calisthenics.

I find it difficult to exert myself in this heat. Tend to maintain a slower pace. Is there any advantage to this? will I be extra resistant from overheating when i'm in cooler climate?

I used to work out in the heat. Jogging around noon, playing basketball in an enclosed gym in the summer (it was like an oven in there) followed by lifting. Obviously, it drained me a lot more because of the increased sweating to the point that sometimes I had no energy to finish the workouts but this changed once I started drinking gatorade during the activities instead of water. I quit working out in the heat because I would get headaches shortly after my workout from the overheating I guess. I never did find out if it does burn more calories, so I'm also interested in finding out.

You do get heat resistance. People have saunas to help prepare for training in hot weather. It's a much more dramatic temperature increase.

Sauna training sounds a bit nuts. Heat is released when your body sweat evaporates, hummidity intefers with evaporation. If your body goes above 41 °C your in big trouble.


Not sauna training, just taking a sauna to get used to the heat.

Drink alot of water. Breathe. You will get used to it. Imagine how it is for thai boxers in thai land.

I am not too sure, but I have heard you burn more calories in the colder weather due to the shiver effect and you body trying to stay warm. The heat should just make you sweat more.

you shiver only when your body temperature decreases. when you are running, that wont happen.

Running in the cold in canada is easier than running in the summer, though.

You won't burn more calories, unless its extremely cold. What I can't find is information on calories spent in extreme heat... i'm beginning to think you burn less because you can't work as hard, your body over heats and you have to slow down or stop.

This cycling article explains calories spent in cold:
( http://www.tourdefrancenews.com/qanda/0,3257,100,00.html?category_id=363&article_type_id='qa' )

"Q. Do you burn more calories exercising in the cold?

A. Only if you're riding across Siberia. Intuitively, it seems like it should take more energy--hence calories--to keep you warm when the snow flies. But as you already know, exercise produces heat all its own, so your body's really not working that hard to stay warm once you get rolling. The one exception: REALLY cold weather--like single-digit, "Hey, I think I lost a finger," cold weather. When the temps dip below about 10 degrees, your body starts working overtime to keep you from losing heat and freezing solid, so you burn about 4% more calories than you would if it weren't frigid outside.

Calories burned on an average-temp day: 680*
Calories burned on below 10 degrees day: 707
*based on a 150-pound rider on hour-long, 15 mph ride"